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Comment: Re:Average person rewiring their house? (Score 1) 186 186

Ya know, I think they're selling this all wrong.

They should pitch it as a window coating that has a far better thermal performance than triple pane windows, does not require replacing your existing windows and costs a fraction of said replacement.

Oh yeah, and it will charge your cellphone too. With a lot of windows, a bunch of cell phones.

Comment: Re:Do the math, folks (Score 1) 66 66

With a 10K Solar Array and appropriate battery storage, you could run 50 eeeBoxen for a year.

A 10K array can pull about 9000 KWh per year. An eeeBox has a maximum power draw of 20W (480Wh per day, or 175.2KWh per year).

And that's in Seattle. Here in Phoenix, you'll be generating more like 14000 KWh per year. Which is almost 80 eeeBoxen.

Hmmm... Asus needs to make eeeServers.

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