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Comment Ruining It for the Rest of Us (Score 0) 1056

I'm reminded of an episode of This American Life that discusses vaccines:

"Stories of people who ruin things for everyone else...or who are accused of that. Like the San Diego parents who didn't vaccinate their child for measles (pictured at left: measles virus). When their seven-year-old caught the disease on an overseas trip, this decision became a whole community's problem. The outbreak infected 11 children and endangered many others."

Comment Re:I'd rather just get where I'm going. (Score 0) 258

That's why I ride a motorcycle. You can sit there in traffic for two hours surfing and shopping and viewing porn all you want. I'll be at home.

Ditto. I wish lane splitting were legal in AZ, but when I'm sitting in 110F in my leathers I declare lane splitting season open.

"Life begins when you can spend your spare time programming instead of watching television." -- Cal Keegan