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Comment Re:Service in exchange for a free modem? (Score 1) 224

I called and had it disabled the second I got it. With that said, even with its wifi turned off completely (both hotspot and router), it messes with my AC router really, really bad. The second I plugged into it, I had connectivity problems throughout the house. From a networking standpoint, it doesn't make sense.. but there's definitely something going on in the background, and it needs to be looked at with a spectrum analyzer.

Comment Re:More Cold War Waste (Score 2) 174

I currently work with reclaiming nuclear facilities. There's a mandatory "Environmental Sustainability" form which has to be completed with any new purchase that has to go through procurement. If at any time a product that's purchased has an environmentally friendly or energy-saving substitute, you have to use it or fill out more information as to WHY you need to use the product which is not environmentally friendly. This may not be the case, and I'm not completely certain what the situation is, but I'm sure that in some way it's essentially the same type of management for this contract. We're required to follow EPEAT regulations and LEED certification rules for nearly everything. EPEAT is pretty much a joke, considering you merely have to pay for certification, but so is almost everything else in the government.

Comment Re:Not the only reason..... (Score 1) 409

Maybe I'm missing something because I don't use many of these daily, but doesn't Microsoft have versions of Word and basic excel for free, that's more than comparable to Google docs? I use word/excel on skydrive when I need to, and it was just as useful. Again, there's probably a lot more that I'm missing, but I'd appreciate the feedback as to what I'm not seeing because other than that, it seems like it's merely preference as to who hates what company the most.

Comment Re:A Net admin's job.. (Score 1) 142

I know what you mean; as I used to do that when I was a sys/network admin. I can't see how this article applies to anything other than a network admin though. I'm at straight Network Admin now, and quite a bit of the issues end up being cyber/group policies that are blanketed every week. I guess if you have a good system that people actually use to track change proposals and requests, this shouldn't happen.. but, the network is always to blame, even when someone has 40 5gb PST files linked to a mapped drive... and it takes 20 man hours to explain why the network isn't to blame for it.

Comment Re:because (Score 1) 736

If you think of it in a different way; your trip from point (A) to point (B) may be known to be exactly 200 miles, but you never know if you're going to hit traffic or what your speed limit is going to be in the future. The same goes with GPS estimated arrival time. If your processor/disk is at an absolute number, disk transfers would be easier to calculate... and the same goes with bandwidth/latency.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 349

Yeah, I'm wrong on all fronts and you're right. My mistake. From reading the rest of the posts, it seems like a trend. I've got 2 wii's and didn't have any problem cracking either one, even to this day. But, I'm wrong about it. Post whatever you want from this point on, I won't respond, because regardless of what point I make, you're a fucking douche and will continue to come up with some meaningless retort. Great job, you've proven you're a prick. Have fun trolling. What a fucking joke. Btw... "fact".. "fact".. fact.... Learn a new word jackass.

Comment Re:Yeah, but we're very productive (Score 1) 1063

Regardless of comments or summary, I think it's safe to say that by the time I die of old age, things aren't going to be great enough to make me want to hang out for a few more years and catch up with the rest of the countries. At least while we're here, we can enjoy our hookers and blow.

Comment Re:Difficulty of pirating GameCube discs (Score 1) 349

PS2 was pretty much dominating, and the xbox released 2 months later. Besides, it was pretty obvious that nobody really wanted to develop for the gamecube for some reason. Honestly, can't say much about that.. but I do know the Dreamcast died because of it. I'm pretty sure that I didn't say that was the deciding factor for the "winner", but something that needs to be considered when it comes to claiming a console is going to make enough money for developers to not be skeptical.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 349

The xbox is 10 years old. I've got a few tablets, consoles, laptops and gaming desktops and still use the consoles more than anything, just for convenience. I quit using the PC because of upgrade garb and it's full of online cheats, etc. After 4 months, you can't game online without massive exploits running rampant. I love the PC, but it just doesn't do it for me anymore.

I used my laptop running an NVidia 4200M over HDMI and the graphics were slightly better than the 360, so I'm not sure what you're smoking when you say an iconica with a tegra 2 would outperform it. If it were true, they'd be developing games like BF3 for tablets. As for 1080p, it is true 1080p, but some games drop to a lower resolution to gain framerate. The same goes with AA. The 360 is capable, but they dropped the requirement for it. Even with AA missing from games, it still doesn't have the Jaggies that the PS3 has. They're both still great (I own both), but I get tired of the sharp edges on some of the PS3 games.

I'm not trying to fuel the flames or start an argument with you, as much as just add some input on it. You're still talking about 10 year old technology vs something that's relatively new and more efficient. Regardless of the outcome, it's win/win for us on every end. We'll have cheaper toys and cheaper games, and the big name consoles will have to change their business model to compete, which usually means competitive pricing. The thing we need to worry about the most is whether those companies will pull Apple BS and start scrutinizing patents.

Another thing that may be a plus and minus is whether or not they're going to keep the programming the same across the board. With that many new mini-consoles coming out, they don't want to split up the development and kill each other off because of fragmentation and dilution. I WANT to see these guys succeed because I love games, regardless of the media they're on... BUT, I look for these to be an addition to a gamer's toolbox, rather than a replacement for higher-powered system that allows for larger titles. In that aspect, is IS apples and oranges.

Considering the price, you're not going to see people buy these smaller consoles and just quit there. Like the other guy said, the kids are still going to want the big console... whether it makes sense or not, parents buy what kids want. My kid plays on everything, and I'm currently running a 6400, Wii, WiiU PS1, PS2, PCs, 360, PS3, Genesis and intellivision in one room. They seem to like the 360 better (and my daughter likes her tablet), but there's no doubt in my mind that I'll probably end up buying a few of these things just to fill in the blanks. Will it replace the high end consoles? Doubtful.. but it's more stuff for us to enjoy, and the more that are out there, the cheaper it is.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 349

How well is the Wii Console doing now that it's obsolete? The 360 passed it up, and now their flagship Wii U didn't sell squat on its launch, using it's previous business model. It came at the wrong time, considering the Xbox and PS3 prices have dropped sub $300, but they tried to save a few bucks using essentially the same hardware, which really won't be able to hang this time around.

The other thing that was the end of the Wii, which will be the demise of the handhelds, is the ease of Homebrew/Cracking. The second the Wii was easily cracked, developers quit putting effort in to it. It's not like they had a lot of power to open up their coding freedom, but that's still quite a bit of losses considering the amount of consoles that were compromised. I know the PS3 and XBox were also cracked, but the ratio was FAR less, considering nobody wants to brick their console or have it banned when they're far more valuable.

On that aspect, you will probably see quite a bit of cross-platform gaming for phones and the new micro-consoles, but you can guarantee those consoles will be cracked in a heartbeat and free APK copies will be scattered about. Granted, they're not the same as the retail consoles, but when the founder of the company touts how she wants people to hack with the console, I can't see developers putting their heart and soul into Jaw-Dropping titles that are going to produce the "wow" factor that new-generation consoles like the "720" or "PS4" will be capable of. I'm not sure what these new micro style consoles are capable of, but I'm not guessing that they'll be able to draw you into the screen and actually blow your mind with extreme detail that even current consoles do. I'm sure the shield will be able to keep up with CURRENT technology, but you KNOW when people see newer consoles they're going to be pretty speechless, especially when you can guarantee they'll probably be capable of much more than just graphics.

They WILL sell, but the lifespan will be limited. They'll sell as cell phone apps do, but don't expect kids to migrate to it, (or their parents).. when Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have already accomplished the level of Apple in the console "status" world.

Overall, it ends up being apples/oranges. If they do sell, they'll be used for a pack-and-go console or as a side-cart console where it's fun to have around to use between other game title releases, but it will ultimately be stacked next to a more expensive console. I also can't see them carrying the power to host 20 players from the console as well, and I'm not certain that a company that's having all of its software pirated is going to want to put up servers to help them out. I guess an account-based software would work, but it's still iffy.

(on another note) keep in mind how many dreamcast consoles were sold until the CD exploit brought it crashing down. There are quite a few things to consider.

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