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Comment Re:Rest in Peace, Brave Souls (Score 1, Interesting) 31 31

I too like to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the quest for scientific achievement, but I have no desire to go look at the coffin. I'd rather watch a nice Imax movie of a shuttle floating over the horizon.

Plenty of sacrifice went on before the shuttle came into the picture. The original JFK space program never included a really big gas can with a glider strapped to it. Interesting idea if not an excellent engineering feat but it never included efficiency so it had to carry a lot of fuel to get up there on a fully automated launch and structurally was only designed for a glide style descent into the atmosphere which didn't give a lot of choices in landing it. JFK's short list guys was better.

Comment Re:Nope... (Score 1) 420 420

Pretty much comes down to the privacy vs. security issue in the back of everyone's mind. No doubt people are a bit touchy over that with the changes in policy of our government. Perhaps remote voyeur isn't such a good idea if you have an expensive drone and an operator might just want to keep that in mind, drones themselves are likely a peeping tom's wet dream and that is actually a sickness as well as a crime, and the cure over the ages for that has often been a 12ga.

Comment Re:Classified Data (Score 1) 219 219

"First rule in government spending... Why build one when you can have two for twice the price".

Looks like Skynet or nothing folks. But with two we're going to have Jade Helm and martial law bankster employee's with two personalities, the dominant one will likely be the one that screws you out of the most money.

Comment Re: First, they came for the assassins... (Score 2) 169 169

Federal Reserve system with Central Banks put in charge of printing money with enough profit margin implemented by the directive of predatory lending and a multitude of other tactics including the manipulation of precious metal prices to purchase the gold store out of the Central Banks, and I should probably mention the relation to the doomsday clock too, that's the real kicker.

Comment Re: First, they came for the assassins... (Score 2) 169 169

Recession: Your neighbor's out of a job. Depression: You're out of a job. Recovery: 0bama's out of a job..

Can't fix the problem by treating the symptom. The fiscal problem dates all the way back to 1944 when we adopted a ponzi scheme as a financial system that was created by people retaliating over the declaration of independence, which was an act of treason against Great Britain who was trading royalty with Germany at that time.

Comment Re: "Ugliest corners of the Internet" (Score 1) 169 169

No they should make gun owners the target. Their regarded. So stupid. They try to sce all problems with violence. Tar is the way if they're Republican kind.

Okay there track star, when the dollar folds, McDonalds and the grocery store doesn't work anymore;, us retarded gun owners will be laughing our asses off watching your dumbass chase your food with rocks and sticks. Then there is the other option of fighting over low hanging fruit in the trees with others like yourself.

Comment Re:I'm an idiot (Score 1) 70 70

Malware is for the most part installed on the user's hardware without the user's knowledge and deplorable to a society that has a reasonable expectation to privacy. I'd say that Hacking Team is complicit in damages and owes a lot of folks for a lot of processor ticks and subsequently expending energy to run their malware, not to mention the applicable increased time taken to perform an action on a computing device that could be employed by a legit business which could make them responsible for business losses, the government that sanctioned the installation is also complicit to such damages. All these things indicate actual damages against the people, business and the economy.

Comment Re:Windows 10 has Secret Screen Recording Tool (Score 1) 203 203

too damn bad microsoft doesn't care enough to secure their operating system.

The insecurity isn't just in the OS, it is keeping everything that is running secure. This means every hardware manufacturer that has a driver that runs on the system account must be secured. MS did care to make the effort with WHQL in peer reviewing of hardware drivers, but that was a tall order considering all the hardware vendors out there. Thinking along the lines of what the NSA did to a certain random number generator, one should realize just how tall of an order that actually is beyond that is actually running against the grain of what is happening overall to the reasonable expectation of privacy in the US. I don't think they would go as far as they did on JFK along these lines but history certainly dictates that one cannot put it past them.

Comment Re:Windows 10 has Secret Screen Recording Tool (Score 1, Insightful) 203 203

So your saying the built in screen recording tool is not the perfect app for use with the NSA back door.

What NSA backdoor? Billions of systems use Windows (including government ones) and still nobody can actually identify this supposed "backdoor" in the product. The same crap was being pandered to the tinfoil hat crowd back in the late 90s and they lapped it up, then came the NT4.0 (and 2000) sourcecode leaks and lo and behold no backdoor to be found.

The problem remains in the number of attack vectors Windows has always had, in fact one could venture to say that Windows is the most powerful Trojan horse ever created and with a market share that has always been a high value target. The NSA wouldn't have to work too hard to bug windows itself let alone the driver level if tommy 10 y/o script kiddy can work it like warm butter.

Comment Re:I wouldn't use NASA (Score 1) 126 126

Lassen Sie uns die jugendlichen menschlichen Traditionen der Landscharmützel, Macht und Geld , Rindfleisch ist über Glauben und Jedi Mind trix auf diesen Felsen enthaltenen eh zu halten? Rette uns allen viel Peinlichkeit auf lange Sicht . Dann wiederum könnte es recht unterhaltsam zu fortgeschrittenen centient Lebensformen aus der Ferne zu sein, aber sie sind wahrscheinlich nicht einladen würde alles, um ihre Felsen.

Comment Re:I wouldn't use NASA (Score 1) 126 126

They are post collapse and on the mend, they stand a much better chance at actually having a space program for what is on the venue of economic issues involving being the global reserve currency for the US. The US is just going into the collapse phase so I would put the Russky's ahead of the US on that learning curve. It also looks good on Putin for refusing the continuation of the Illuminati global ponzi scheme by being part of creating NWO under one world government. All that crap is a very slippery slope with a very predictable outcome and rewards the people that screwed everything up to begin with. Sure the Illuminati was the power behind returning the Jews to Israel but the way they went about it doesn't put much thought to our history in the aspect that empires rise and fall, and when this one falls, that will get those people killed. Just because a union suffers collapse, does not mean their culture ceases to exist, not every case ends up like the Mayans.

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