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Comment Re:Not just phones... (Score 1) 225

I supported Dell corporate systems for the last 10 or years of my working career, and recall that you could go out to the Dell website and download service manuals for all of the Dell models we had, namely Optiplexes and Latitudes, I've been out of that world since about 2010, and when I bought my current laptop, a Dell Precision M4400 in 2012, I, naturally went to download the service manual for it, and found there was no such thing anymore.. All there is now is a quick-reference guide for each model... Pretty fucking sorry, Dell... And now I see they're pulling the same shit as Lenovo with the MITM certs... Now all I can say is FUCK YOU TOO, DELL... No more new Dells for me and mine.. Used only..

Yep, me too. Was replacing caps in GX270's and GX520's before they were doing logic board replacements. Kind of sad to see they did this crap and then bought Sonicwall.

Comment Re:I could be missing something (Score 1) 95

The Illuminati wise tail about the formation of the moon. If this were the case, then the earth would have coalesced with iron deposits on one side after the collision and the orbit lock would have been to both celestial objects likely resulting in a solid iron core in the earth, and we probably wouldn't be here. I would have expected they would have better engineered a load of bull-crap to feed us based upon being German/English Blue Blood/Mongol origins of this organization. Why not? They did a hell of a job with the federal reserve system. Perhaps they were never really focused on actual goals of NASA either when they loaded NASA with Nazi's.

Comment Re:NASA did not get anywhere since Bush (Score 4, Informative) 87

Apollo as we all know was cancelled it in its 8th year, going massively over budget and producing nothing but non-functioning ICBMs.

What NASA produced was functional but not reusable and expensive but did work, Clinton gave NASA the predecessor to what they should have had in 1997 which they promptly mothballed in 1999 and they probably should have given one to place at the corporate office of Children's Hospital for display because the development of it was made possible through their fund raisers. Everyone is touchy on that subject because the program was cancelled in 1964 over something that happened that was thought to be related to the hit on JFK and it was not. You can thank the banksters for using Mafia on JFK, and I honestly believe there isn't anything Mafia can't fuck up. In short, NASA was doomed in 1964 by Mafia for repeating a crime that originally happened around the turn of last century as all of the development that should have been prompted post 1964 never happened. So you never got the flying cars, alternatively you got a remodeled hotel casino in 1964 to go lose your money in, and aerospace got a shiny new short bus.

Comment Re: First Rule About Watchlists (Score 1) 400

oh, come on, watch lists are so 2009. sure, those good old lists still exist, but nowadays you just get flagged when you exhibit the pattern of the week or when the pseudo-random generator hits your name - if you live in or travel through cities or use any other modern commodity, you can and will be watched, no matter how many webcams you tape down. but there are only so much overweight guys wanking in front of their pc, the average government worker can cope with, before he breaks... you really do them a favor by sparing them from that.

still, wearing a tinfoil hat, dropping "suspicious" keywords (like terrorist, bomb, webcam, tape, illuminati,...) will help, as you'll pretty soon get labeled as a harmless idiot, who will only be molested if he makes a fuzz and there are no better things to do at the time.

If AC is a watcher, then you need to use your access and do your homework.

Comment Re: First Rule About Watchlists (Score 4, Funny) 400

You're funny.

You know what you get if you take a Nazi and cut off their balls?

An Occupy protestor.

You really have to take into consideration Hitler was played like a stratvarius just like our current political theater running around playing world cop digging a deeper deficit which indicates a very skilled organization potentially doing this for thousands of years which indicates first world government. Hitler was born of a devout Catholic Austrian woman and sponsored by Mussolini. Note the fall of the Nights Templar and rise of Mafia around the same time frame. Two distinct parts of history aligned both the banksters and them against the US. Declaration of Independence, formation of Illuminati and being instrumental in taking down Hitler. Proof is in the pudding.

Comment Re:First Rule About Watchlists (Score 1) 400

I saw this flick about some jihadists buying a nuclear bomb to blow it up and cause problems for the Americans and their president, but Arnold flies a plane and shoots the main bad jihad guy with a rocket.

Too bad Arnold wasn't around in 1963, we wouldn't be having these assholes selling the NWO BS based on the poverty and famine they are responsible for.

Comment Re:First Rule About Watchlists (Score 1, Troll) 400

Yes exactly. On the other side of the coin you can always make a phone call and mention president, jihad, airplane and bomb in a single conversation and that will sum things up a bit. The automated speech to text engine will flag your call for recorded audio review and bam! Your on a watch list! Never lonely because uncle Sam will always be there to tuck you in at night watching you through your webcam and consistently pulling screen shots from your phone and your PC. That part kind of sucks if you don't have enough bandwidth though, but it is certainly worth while to see you are home in Nazi Germany run by the banksters and the Catholic church. Same batch of assholes that installed an individual with a rather well defined mustache and brought about WWII. Have no fear about the cold winters, WWIII with todays nuclear war technology it should be nice and toasty, no worries there if that should fail because substandard lowest bidder style construction of nuclear power plants a melt down is right around the corner near you! Never worry about the watchers being watched by a batch of closet case superstitious thieving nazi pedophiles that are wiping their ass with the constitution and rubbing the declaration of independence in your face after they robbed their own bank of your gold which they suckered you into with the federal reserve in 1944.

Comment Re:When I see "could" in a headline ... (Score 1) 226

You might note that everyone who has been given the full inside information, including the USAF, agrees that it will work as a SSTO.

That's a worthwhile datapoint, but I imagine that there's lots of qualifiers on that. IF they can reach the specified performance from the engines, IF they can get the dry weight as low as their target, IF the thermal protection operates as intended it will work. Saying that you don't see any dealbreakers based on number crunching and design studies is a long way from knowing that none will come up later.

That said, that big chunk of cash is a pretty resounding endorsement of the idea. Not sure how far that is expected to go, but if they can actually get some hardware built that will make them more successful than any other SSTO program in history.

I think the trick in that really isn't possible now days. Powers that be pretty much everywhere no do not really have any interest in building anything fast enough without a destructive primary purpose. While defenses should be part of it, that should not be the only tool in the shed and certainly not the focus of developing the technology. They built something in the US that does Mach 10 which is plenty to breach the atmosphere and transition to rocket propulsion in a zero drag coefficient environment, but they only did it to carry a bomb. Meanwhile NASA is stuck primarily with rockets sending RC toys out there with the shuttle program being cancelled on a classified mission resulting in sending US astronauts to Russia to make it to orbit. If that isn't the short bus then I don't really know of a better example. In light of this and in retrospect, who actually won the space race? One trick pony programs to plant a flag does not equate to us being more 'advanced', just proves the public is willing to accept a hand job.

Comment Re:When I see "could" in a headline ... (Score 1) 226

Of course, anyone that was related to and with knowledge of the pinnacle of aerospace programs 50 years ago talking about it now days must be crazy. It's okay, go back to sleep and let the batch of closet case Nazi's, superstitious thieving pedophiles lead you all around playing world cop digging a deeper deficit. Your vote means something to them, sleep... Sleep...

Comment Re:When I see "could" in a headline ... (Score 1) 226

I have followed Skylon for several years now. The engines are very interesting, in fact, the whole design, including the wings is very cool. The wings take the gravity load off, which for something that takes that long to get to orbit is quite an advantage.

They actually get more energy out of the hydrogen than they would get from just burning it. The reason is that they run the compressor on the temperature difference between ram air and the LH2 flowing to the engines. Burning hydrogen gives about 50 kWh/kg, it takes 20 kWh/kg to make it into a liquid.

You might note that everyone who has been given the full inside information, including the USAF, agrees that it will work as a SSTO. If anyone wants to build power satellites, Skylon is the only thing that is likely to get the cost to where power satellites could undercut coal.

Yes, chilling mass to reduce it to gain additional thrust on burn. Yes I see that, I know it will work but I just don't like the cost in weight for the heat exchangers and just for mach 5 seems a heavy cost. USAF never saw inside OXCART but they did end up with the bird post '64. My grandfather did the funding for it, it was compartmentalized inside CIA SR, and CIA SR was my great uncle Jack's program and he had to cancel it in '64 over what happened to my grandfather as what happened was not clear to him and was considered a security breach. I could slap something together for aircraft style access to space as I inherited enough knowledge to do so but 20:1 the same jerks that screwed it up to begin with would do so again if I did it within their reach in the US.

Comment Re:When I see "could" in a headline ... (Score 1) 226

Actually, blowing up people in an experimental aircraft should be a crime worthy of jail time all up the line, given that we could be blowing up autonomous piloting gear instead.

No guts, no glory.

That said...

I think this craft has taken a wrong turn in power plant design, far too much weight burned in the heat exchangers that can be used for fuel and cargo. There has been nothing I have seen that could rival what modification that the J-58 Ramjet that the SR-71 was supposed to have before the program was cancelled prior to development of it being completed so it got the same thing the A-12 got. Jets have the efficiency in the atmosphere, rockets have it in zero G environment. A direct cross in my opinion between the two isn't where its at, the SR-71 intake changed shape to obtain volumetric stability, and is not the only part of a power plant that can. I admire the Skylon program doing this independently, not an easy task and should have government backing.

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!