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Comment Re:In other words: tradecraft (Score 1) 41

90 pct of all stolen mil data is due to cleared individuals doing stupid things.

9 pct is due to human ops.

Only 1 pct is due to technical means.

Where do you think we should focus our resources?

Perhaps corruption just might be the ticket. Trying to go all analog on com that requires DSP just shows the damage in 1954 when the violation of church and state was breached as one cannot apply such an atrocity without adverse effects regarding the loss of intellect over the entire flock. Advancement was sacrificed for absolute power and this should be clear with the USS Ross incident in the Black Sea. Take these words as you wish, as I am not at all convinced the US is interested in getting off the short bus, the lust for power in the elite leadership is far too important to them.

Comment Re:Why was he modded up? (Score 1) 1146

Perhaps you might want to apply that statement to religious extremism. Notice this individual asked victims what religion they are. Regardless, guns and mind control mix about as well as hard liquor and guns and consider most citizens of the US have about 2% to 4% of their minds to use at this point and will resort to violence because most can't think their way out of a wet paper bag, and they do have the example of government resorting to violence either out right or behind the back with what a US adversary would address as state backed terrorism. Most cases a 12 pack of beer ends up with fun day out for target practice. Obama's speech might have been taken seriously if he bothered to address the aspect of religious extremism or other problems in society created by the office of the president being such a central bankster bitch. Organized crime holds the preference of an unarmed victim, perhaps addressing corruption over gun control might be a more constructive and sustainable idea.

Comment Re:My money is on.... (Score 1) 86

Wrong doing started when they violated the supreme law of the land under an illegal war (not declared against a sovereign nation) to obtain these powers and a blank check. The clusterfuck starts there and they sure spent a lot of money and suppressed the effects of hyperinflation for quite a while, we all knew this could only last so long though.

Comment Re: Just go to Germany! (Score 1) 143

One gets what they pay for, then sometimes not. Education has been a social gathering for a very long time now. Students "do what they need to" to pass and not so much as what one would consider to be in terms of being educated. Education at this stage of the game should be about survival skills, nothing more as there is no way to undo the mistakes that prior generations made to put the US in the shape it is in now. Any question in this, then the answer to that will reveal itself in the sky in December.

Comment Re:The US gov't is fundamentally incompetent (Score 1) 58

think Hillary! is on "their team", whatever team that may be.

Their team means someone in Hillary's administration, directly or indirectly, is going to help them advance their career and make more money if they support her.

Good old fashioned graft.

There is no team in central banksters, only the pedophiles for which the White House has become a mouth piece for since they did JFK. When it comes to being a US citizen, you're screwed either way.

Comment Re:Same reason we're looking for earth-like life (Score 2) 275

What, then, could an SQ +50 Superbeing possibly have to say to us?

I don't know, but my cats aren't even as smart as dolphins, but I like talking to them anyway. Sometimes they do seem to understand too.

That is only an act, they see you talking to them as a weakness and will take advantage of that to kill you and get at the food.

Comment Re: Translated (Score 1) 451

Actually it is more about the fact that driving is something you should never have to actually pay attention to, or so they believe. It's Google posturing itself for selling self driving cars so the powers that be can mold you into even more of a retard.

Comment Re:Congress is irrational!!! (Score 1) 62

Because ideas can no longer be original anymore, welcome to the advent of mind control. Most folks have between 2% and 4% of their mind to use now days, barely enough to handle their day to day lives. Critical thinking though not on the books is treated as a crime, just take a look at Snowden. So yes, you do not get a space program, instead you get a shiny new short bus, a Brittany Spears sing along on a trip to Chucky Cheese's, smiles drool and giggles all the way, Skylab v2.0 and soon self driving cars so they can drop you down to 1% use of your own mind.

Comment Re:Congress is irrational!!! (Score 2) 62

Who cares (in the US) is exactly right, the space program or rather what is left of it is in the condition it is for two reasons.

1. The Federal Reserve System. The mob getting taken by better crooks than they were in 1944, the banksters.
2. Loss of the JFK space program in 1964 with CIA SR/OXCART being breached and development being subsequently cancelled over an underground river plug under Virginia City, NV and the theft of around 5 million which was for the prototype SR-71 imaging sensors. Could have had mach 20 space capable fighter jets by now, international colony, helium 3 mining operation, In-and-Out Burger and a Radisson complete with hookers on the moon and no doubt set foot on Mars by now.

The only thing still running is the X-37b which is based on the Space Shuttle technology so we already know where that will end up. A space program in the US is a lost cause...

Comment Re:Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 728

I'd have to say the problem is not entirely mine, but I'm pretty sure they would rather like the prospect of only one guy carrying a torch and pitchfork. I would be sorry to disappoint them as I just do not put the same priority on money they do, my beef is in them pricks mind fucking the women and their prevention of the advancement of technology and specifically in aerospace after they did JFK. Just how much influence in the world would a world banking cartel of 'banksters' have? Perhaps enough to incite a world war to evade street justice on account that they can influence courts? You probably think the best of people and that there couldn't possibly be people that are that fucked up out there, this would make your belief exactly what they would want you to believe to prevent people from venturing into critical thinking as that might lead to them being held accountable for their actions.

Comment Re:Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 728

Perhaps you are under the impression that the federal reserve is more than an annoyance to them after they already got what they wanted out of it?

That's: "Nuttier than squirrel sh!t", there FTFY. And perhaps I might be, and I really hope I am, but what I see follows a sick train of logic I see in them running since their establishment in 1776 in Bavaria. Germany was trading royal blood with Britain before and after they were over run by Mongols. I know, I've got Spencer blood because my family ended up with one of them greedy/whining tards in our wood pile, I'm unrecognized but hey that's okay, I am not exactly proud of it and I think that is why my family left there long before Mongols showed up.

Comment Re:Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 728

Denial is cosmopolitan these days and crimes are state secrets, see they can have another one if they can get the people to forget and it would make sense since the Illuminati want to kill off around 6 or 7 billion people. That would be 6 or 7 billion people that they know won't be holding a torch and pitchfork and looking for them when their bank cards don't work anymore because they already emptied the central banks of the gold.

Comment Re:what's the opposite of Progress? (Score 1) 59

Yep, still building rockets to push a craft through the atmosphere. Alive yes, thinking straight is debatable. They clearly didn't learn too much studying the SR-71 from '97 before mothballing it in '99 at NASA. I'd wager they would have gotten mach 4 at around 150,000' out of the SR-71 if something didn't happen in 1964 on the north shore of Tahoe and the development of JP7 had been fine tuned. They probably didn't look too hard at the AQM-60 Kingfisher developed under OXCART under CIA SR in the same program either. Looks like they really didn't learn anything in '03, or in prior failures either, or maybe those that are calling the shots like burning money on hardware and in training people.

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