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Comment Re:Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 250

Denial is cosmopolitan these days and crimes are state secrets, see they can have another one if they can get the people to forget and it would make sense since the Illuminati want to kill off around 6 or 7 billion people. That would be 6 or 7 billion people that they know won't be holding a torch and pitchfork and looking for them when their bank cards don't work anymore because they already emptied the central banks of the gold.

Comment Re:what's the opposite of Progress? (Score 1) 59

Yep, still building rockets to push a craft through the atmosphere. Alive yes, thinking straight is debatable. They clearly didn't learn too much studying the SR-71 from '97 before mothballing it in '99 at NASA. I'd wager they would have gotten mach 4 at around 150,000' out of the SR-71 if something didn't happen in 1964 on the north shore of Tahoe and the development of JP7 had been fine tuned. They probably didn't look too hard at the AQM-60 Kingfisher developed under OXCART under CIA SR in the same program either. Looks like they really didn't learn anything in '03, or in prior failures either, or maybe those that are calling the shots like burning money on hardware and in training people.

Comment Re:Software error ... (Score 1) 234

Funny how this morphed into a political shit slinging contest.

Perhaps no one bothered to relate that the NYSE was down at the same time, or the aspect that there was a sunspot that produced a CME that arrived at earth a day earlier than expected, or that the earths magnetic field is weakening at the moment and happens to be the thing protecting us from CME's...

Comment Re:Can the enemy actually shoot down the F35? (Score 0) 732

Nonsense. The US spends over $600 billions/year on military. China spends only 216 and Russia 84. The US could still have the most powerful military on earth while cutting the budget by half. France and the UK both have a great military with only 60 billions/year. Last I checked they weren't using slingshots.

Slingshots are just around the corner with the government printing money every six months just to keep the doors open, then it will be rocks and sticks soon if the mob doesn't step up and admit they got duped by better crooks than they are. If they did there might be the basis necessary for going after all the wealth the federal reserve has sucked out of the US, then it might be torches and pitchforks for a while but at least justice would be served. Then there is the problem of mind fucking the people over the last 50 years beyond putting aerospace on the short bus back then. Right that one and the US just might end up with a competitive aircraft that can take a lightning strike and can actually dogfight.

Comment Re:Sounds scary, but it makes sense. (Score 1) 69

From 20 years in aerospace:

You need a good process if you having things break is unacceptable.

Security of the CAD files and engineering the ability to take a lightning strike on the project would be a plus. From a grandkid of a generation that gave up on it 50 years ago.

Comment Re:The 2000lbs cages are the problem (Score 1) 178

No, drunk cyclists are a problem:

Yes, but some things do fix themselves.

Cyclist parks a bar, goes in and gets sloshed, leaves and rides into path of a bus. Problem solved permanently and voluntarily, and it even provides respect to natural selection.

Now if they could just figure a way to get sober cyclists to respect stop signs and stoplights, there is the real problem because they don't seem to respect the law in general.

Comment Re:If you deputize them (Score 2) 220

That hasn't worked too well with the NSA. I can't imagine that a private corporation with a financial incentive would be able to restrain themselves from attacking their competetors once they were given the go-ahead to start lashing out when their network gets DDOSd.

No, this could be great! We could appoint a secret TCP packet court, issue arrest warrants against packets of data and store them in privatized prison segmented storage on the NSA data center and put the cost on everyone's intertubes bill.

Then again, might just be easier to prosecute the builders of the federal reserve system on a Ponzi scheme, fine them the amount of gold they emptied the central banks of and then figure out if they belong in England, Germany or Mongolia. Let the decided country deal with them from there.

Comment Re:Rest in Peace, Brave Souls (Score 2) 42

The original JFK space program was aircraft style access to space and the last building block on that segment never made it any further than the SR-71 in 1964. I know, my grandfather was a short list guy.

Their goal was to achieve 25,000 KMPH, which is escape velocity in the stratosphere. Let me tell you where I get my insight on this:

My grandmother on my mother's side: Senior statistician on the X-15, worlds first variable thrust rocket.

My great uncle Jack (Radar Man) on my father's side: CIA SR, OXCART was compartmentalized within CIA SR, AQM-60 Kingfisher, A-12, U2, YF-12A/B, SR-71, D-21 and more.

My grandfather on my father's side, JFK space program short list, 33rd degree Scottish rite freemason, the one that was lost and why none of the other short list guys would come forward on JFK's space program.

In 1992 I met my great uncle Jack, he lived on Warpath Ln in north woods Wisconsin, throughout my upbringing I had been told only that he was OSS when it became CIA in 1947 and in that year was present on a particularly famous New Mexico gig. While staying at his place as my family was vacationing and had travelled across the country to see other relatives, I was told by my father that my uncle wanted to tell me something. We entered into his office and my father proceeded to tell him that he had told me nothing. My great Uncle stated that "It is okay, they have already retracted DET1", my great uncle then proceeds to tell my father to leave the room. He then stated to me that, "Strategic Reconnaissance was my baby, and it had to be cancelled not because they cut funding, but because of the way they did it and that involved your grandfather. I am %99.9 certain that those people killed Kennedy". From what I understand the JFK shooters were discovered to have met in the Cal-Neva on north shore Tahoe. I was a bit taken back by this as I had just been told my family was involved in building the prototype of my favorite aircraft and when I exited the room my father had been seated and with his fingers in his ears. He took notice to me and then stated that "You have been read in". He later clarified to me that DET1 was detachment 1 based out of Okinawa. During our stay our there we had some small talk about it as he seemingly did not think I had absorbed what he had told me. He stated at another point that the SR-71 was a building block to my grandfather and on another occasion while in his truck coming back from town told me that "he had gotten my grandfather killed", not intentionally but he seemed to carry guilt over it. I asked him "did they steal anything?" and he mentioned the image sensors mentioned a figure in the millions of dollars range and I said "well, there you go". From what I can put together on it my grandfather was on fund raiser for Children's Hospital in Reno, NV and had asked to wire money secretly and was directed to north shore Tahoe. He wired the money and was involved in a fatal plane crash that killed both my grandparents in 1964 and the money sent never made it as the USAF had to purchase the image sensors and this is what was considered to be a breach of a program run in absolute secrecy. All of this happened prior to my being born in 1967 and I was never told anything about it really other than bits and pieces here and there and was raised in south Tahoe and my father never knew what I had confirmed to me by my great uncle as he was sent out of the room. Two years ago I lost my father and noted circumstances very questionable and incidents are related through a setup on a court case and some Sherriff's getting burned over accusations of women being raped in the county jail that were present in the hospital in Reno the day we had to unplug my father from life support after having a stroke. Needless to say the gloves came off, I am back up here in Tahoe and I brought hell with me.

So my insight into it tells me the JFK space program never went any further than what was developed in 1964 because the short list guys for the space program would not come forward and appear to have been building much cooler stuff than what we saw with the space shuttle, Being the US doesn't really have a space program anymore I'd say the way things went was certainly the for the worse.

Comment Re:Rest in Peace, Brave Souls (Score 1, Interesting) 42

I too like to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the quest for scientific achievement, but I have no desire to go look at the coffin. I'd rather watch a nice Imax movie of a shuttle floating over the horizon.

Plenty of sacrifice went on before the shuttle came into the picture. The original JFK space program never included a really big gas can with a glider strapped to it. Interesting idea if not an excellent engineering feat but it never included efficiency so it had to carry a lot of fuel to get up there on a fully automated launch and structurally was only designed for a glide style descent into the atmosphere which didn't give a lot of choices in landing it. JFK's short list guys was better.

Comment Re:Nope... (Score 2) 528

Pretty much comes down to the privacy vs. security issue in the back of everyone's mind. No doubt people are a bit touchy over that with the changes in policy of our government. Perhaps remote voyeur isn't such a good idea if you have an expensive drone and an operator might just want to keep that in mind, drones themselves are likely a peeping tom's wet dream and that is actually a sickness as well as a crime, and the cure over the ages for that has often been a 12ga.

Comment Re:Classified Data (Score 1) 223

"First rule in government spending... Why build one when you can have two for twice the price".

Looks like Skynet or nothing folks. But with two we're going to have Jade Helm and martial law bankster employee's with two personalities, the dominant one will likely be the one that screws you out of the most money.

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