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Comment or the original source (Score 2) 16

or the original source:

1027 1749

"Obiturary: World-famous illustrator and Miyazaki City resident, Noriyoshi Ohrai passed away due to pneumonia on the 27th at a hospital in Kunitomi (town). He was 79 years old. Working out of Miyazaki City, Mr. Ohrai was a world-famous illustrator having created posters for "Star Wars" and "Godzilla" series and had won a prefectural culture award a year before last. Wake will be held on the 28th from 7PM and funeral services will be on the 29th from 12:10PM, both at the Priere-Group Hall in Miyazaki City." note, wiki seems to reference anyways. also, /. seems to not support Japanese input that well.

Comment ToS violation? (Score 3, Insightful) 182

As much as I hate to see it used, a Terms of Service (ToS) violation and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) may still apply especially since they are using tactics to avoid detection (aka use of "burner phones" and credit card numbers)

It may also be a violation of the various credit card companies' ToS as well.

Comment depends (Score 1) 166

I think it depends on a number of factors such as the one giving the lecture, the material covered by the lecture, the environment in which the lecture is given, and the one receiving the lecture.

I've had classes in the past that...well...the room was just not that comfortable to listen to a lecture (it was a 3hr class in a slightly overcrowded/warm room in the evening and it was a boring biology class; insta-sleep time).

I've also had classes where the lecturers (this particular class had 3 different professors; it was an American Studies/history class) all give lectures which were material to the class and were on the exams.
Oddly, I found the lectures interesting and was able to absorb the information better than my other classmates who took notes (I did not take notes and according to the professors, the first ever to do so and get a decent grade).

Then I've had classes where the hands-on part was more interesting such as physics with lasers (sadly, there were no sharks).

In essence, a YMMV situation.

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