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Comment: I have lived in Florida all my life... (Score 1) 195

by Mo0o (#27596675) Attached to: Florida To Build Solar-Powered City

I think this is an interesting concept except for the fact that hurricanes are a beast down here. Storms can get really bad too and I am curious as to how things will hold up during the storms.

I can't imagine Solar Power being a good idea when we have constant storms... and at unpredicitable times. One minute it will be raining, the other the sun is out shining bright. And this happens on and off all day. How do you cope with this? Solar Power does not work as well in cloudy weather and we get a lot of it regardless of our "Sunshine State" name.

I am worried and actually pretty interested all at the same time. I'm not sure who would want to live in a Solar Powered City as it is probably not as good as having good ol' fashion eletrcitiy... But FPL is a very good company and I respect them a lot. I'd say give them a shot.

Comment: Free Games & Quality (Score 2, Insightful) 230

by Mo0o (#27169879) Attached to: Is Free Really the Future of Gaming?
While a lot of things free can be exceptional, free games will never be the best. A lot of the times the 'monthly prescriptions' you pay to play an MMO is never really the money-maker for the company; it's all of the essentials either needed to play the game or the 'gift shop' items you can purchase from the game or even the conventions you hold and use the game as advertisement to get more people to show up. Really, games are just another form of active-marketing; get the customers involved and hooked into a business and make them become loyal. I also find it rather interesting that pay-to-play games are highly addictive because most of us who are not hard-core gamers are thinking "Well, I am paying for the game, I might as well make my money go to good use and play the game".

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