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Comment Re:Does indeed happen. (Score 1) 634

Actually, yes. I was applying for a senior Windows position and had the Linux manager who was cross interviewing ask the hiring manager if he could 'steal' me for his group.

4 hour interview process on site that went really great all the way through, but a little weirdly with the hiring manager.

Still didn't get the job, actually staying on topic a bit, because of age discrimination I presume. I was around 22 at the time...

Comment Re:It's not so easy (Score 2) 217

It's much easier...

You to trusted friend: "Hey want to buy a lottery ticket? I'll go in half but can't pick it up today if you don't mind paying for it." Use these numbers, it's my lucky numbers.

Done. I have friends that I'm 98% sure they would give me half and not let me worry about being in the public spot light.

Comment Re:How is this new? (Score 1) 92

This article is valid and delivers more data to the subject.

It's always a great thing to remind individuals of language within these site's terms of service. Due to the fact that I don't have time to find to comb through terms of service, this particular language was new to me. In general, most of us know that data on the internet isn't safe is a good assumption.

I give a thumbs up to the author.


Submission + - SCO Receives Nasdaq Notice Letter (

An anonymous reader writes: This somewhat amusing press release of sorts tells us one of those things we've all been waiting a while for. SCO(X) has announced that: that it received a Nasdaq Staff Determination letter on December 21, 2007 indicating that as a result of having filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, the Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Panel has determined to delist the company's securities from the Nasdaq Stock Market and will suspend trading of the securities effective at the open of business on Thursday, December 27, 2007. PJ at Groklaw has surmised that with effectively zero cash resources left, Novell doesn't stand to get much more than SCO's furniture, if even that. Ding dong, is the wicked witch finally dead yet?

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