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Comment Re:so what? (Score 2, Insightful) 1141

Accepting vandalism does not lead to accepting suicide, murder, bombing (even if "no one is hurt"), etc. The fact that you managed to make the conclusion means that you probably need to seriously review your premises, as a lack of perspective of that magnitude could mean you end up causing considerable harm to yourself or others.

If you can't see how vandalism does harm to normal people, then it's you who needs perspective.

Comment Re:so what? (Score 1) 1141

Equating vandalism with suicide and/or murder?

Obvious troll is obvious, Sir.

Nope, I'm just taking your crazy nonsense to its logical conclusion.

I'm guessing if no one is hurt when the piper cub takes out the side of a building you'd be okay with it?

Comment Re:so what? (Score 1) 1141

If you think Google fiber = electricity, then you truly are a fucking moron.

If you think that it is acts of petty vandalism which have a deciding influence on your electricity bill, rather than the whims of a few very powerful energy companies, then I'm not sure how you even managed to crawl out of the slime and onto your computer chair.

Let me guess, you're the one encouraging people to ram their small aircraft into government buildings, since that's what really makes a difference.

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