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Comment but projectors? (Score 1) 406

So what are we supposed to use to connect to the old legacy projectors that is hanging around in offices and only talk VGA?

Is this a conspiracy for companies to buy new, bright, high resolution and silent projectors? I'm all for it.

Comment modules, boxes, refactor (Score 1) 197

1. refactor
2. while you do that, divide up the code into modules that is a black box from outside
3. refactor those boxes as needed (split into more as needed)

and don't be afraid to do that before your program is finished, if it seems needed.

The time you save on a refactor is often quite a lot, so you shouldn't be too afraid of doing it.

Also making boxes like that helps testing.

But then again, I thought that was already what most projects did.
It's kind of a central point in most programming paradigms (both functional and object oriented).

Comment Re:Seriously DON'T do it. (Score 1) 481

My old dishwasher got something wrong with the temperature sensor, so it constantly boiled the water (when it was on) up to the point where the built in temperature breaker would kick it off (which was at >100C???!?). It did all this completely by itself without me modding it and usually without any error code (it alarmed about overheat twice during the three months before I noticed that it was actually a permanlent error).

I somehow feel safer modding things and knowing how they work than to trust engineers to do it correct, these days. I don't blame the engineers though -- someone probably went "but we can save 3c if we don't have this safety feature, remove it, that's an order". Luckily it _was_ still on _my_ dishwasher (the high temperature breaker)...

Dishwashers are highly servicable anyway -- but you can't user-_service_ the parts. You can however quite easily user-replace the parts.

Comment kitchen appliances (Score 1) 481

As far as I've seen, all kitchen appliances are the same - but they are the same as in VHS players and CD players are the same.
They have the same components, but they keep coming out with control boards that aren't compatible at all.

It's probably easier to put in a raspberry pi with a relay board than to try to hack the control board.

It's not like a dishwasher is very advanced. There's some water level sensors, valves for letting water in, pumps (one around, and one out?), heating element and hopefully a temperature sensor that can be read. Do whatever program you feel like. How hard can it be?

That said, I'm still confused _no_ appliances (except iKettle) talks wifi (or anything, like BLE or zwave) - other appliances like TV and receivers have been talking to the user over the LAN for many years now.

That said, my next appliance to hack will be my Tea Maker.

Comment ....wet? (Score 1) 60

I wonder, what kind of roads and tyres are involved here?

I can't remember having a problem with wet roads while driving in a way that wouldn't be seriously uncomfortable - unless there's a few inches of water on the road or I'm driving crazy cars (like that 700hp Cadillac test car with slicks that didn't want to move with or without traction control). Am I just getting way too good tyres?

Unless the "wet" is frozen. But that's a completely different game.

But if anyone builds me a car that warns me of black ice in advance, I'd like it.

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