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Comment Re:Nice biased wording there (Score 1) 339

No way.

WoW is my game of choice and CPU power most definitely is in the equation. When you start talking about damage meter addons and the like.... CPU is much more valuable in that area the GPU power.

I def agree with you that a lot of processing happens server-side, however there is some client-side processing that is out of band of gfx handling where the CPU makes a difference.

I actually just upgraded my older machine to an E8400 and it made a noticeable difference in gameplay.

I think the addons is probably where it will make the most difference. Yeah, I could disable my UI and use the Blizz UI, but i like the customization it adds.

I just believe that there are certain circumstances where CPU cycles matter.

Comment Re:Nuke it from orbit (Score 1) 547

Anyone who has ever had to recover "permanently" deleted files from a computer would know that a simple fdisk, format, and re-install is not enough.

I agree with jhoegl.... if the data is as personally private as the OP portrays it to be, it should never have even touched their company computer. Most company's have acceptable use policy's that you have to agree too before you can login, and in that policy (if you have one that is) it mostly likely states that any data you put on the computer is now property of the company that owns the asset.

The data should never have been there in the first place.

But to answer the question..... the best way is just to go through everything and use something like Spybots Secure Shredder.

I don't know how reliable SpyBot's Secure Shredder utility is but i would start there. You want a utility that will rewrite zeros to the blocks your data used; not just mark those blocks as available on the allocation table.

I wouldn't dban it though because then you could potentially get yourself in some legal hot water.

Comment My Take (Score 4, Insightful) 463

I don't have any problems with people going through to correct immigration process to come to the "land of opportunity".
If somebody from another country want to immigrate to the US to better their education or persue better opportunities, the i fully support you as long as you go through the correct process of obtaining a visa and or citizenship.

My beef is with the illegal immigrants that sneak into the country, work under the table and not pay their fair share of taxes, and then get government assistance and benefits at the tax payers expense.

If you want to come to the US, then GREAT! i think that's wonderful!..... Just do it legally and pay your taxes like everybody else.

Comment Re:Need? (Score 5, Insightful) 310

Why would you EVER buy a 6-11 year old child a 300+ dollar piece of technology to take to school?

Are you really trying to just throw you money away?

If a school district ever required my (nonexistent) child to carry a device around that costs hundreds of dollars, i would pull my kid out of that district fater then they can say "but its our requirement!"

Are you KIDDING me? The last thing i want is for some 5th grader to steal my child's ipad that i paid for with my hard earned money.

If they want to provide them... and provide support.... and provide replacements to stolen ipads... free of charge from me... than fine. But this would never happen with our education budgets.

And dont come to me to replace the stupid thing when it comes up missing.

Im sorry but that is ridiculous.

Comment greedy (Score 1) 911

This makes me mad.

He became an American Citizen, became successful, and now when its his turn to pay his fair share he bails.

Thats a move the banksters would try and pull..... hes actually in a position to improve our countries economy now and how does he repay us? by renouncing his citizenship to save money on taxes....

i dont know maybe im misinformed (which if i am im damn sure the readers of /. will clear me up), but as a ordinary normal American, who pays his taxes, this is just plain greedy.

Comment pff. Lobby on this.... (Score 1) 188

Music lobby group, the BPI, welcomed the move, saying music creators 'deserve to be paid for their work just like everyone else'

Then maybe they should actually pay the artists for their work.....and im not talking about the measly 3% or whatever artists get for creating a song... i wouldnt be suprised if the artist (not label) actually make MORE money in the long run because of TPB then what the labels will pay.......because "they deserve to get paid like everyone else"...

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