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Comment: Re:Mirror image (Score 1) 639

I guess it depends on what you think Christianity means. I think it means following the teachings of Christ. I do not think it means whatever a bunch of folks that call them Christians think it means.

I suppose we're arguing semantics here a bit. I'm just trying to make a distinction between what is taught in the New Testament and the way certain "christians" behave. It is not correct to allow those groups to define Christianity. You may rightly dislike those groups and their behavior, but please don't mistake their bad behavior for the teachings of Christ.

Comment: Re:Mirror image (Score 1) 639

Peope tend to confuse the way some so-called Christians behave with Christianity itself. There are countless examples where people have done things in the name of Christ that were not in accordance with the teachings of Jesus. That doesn't make Jesus wrong, it makes those people wrong. One should not interpret the behavior of such people as Christianity.

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A small point: there is a lot of violence and brutal killing in the Old Testament (the Jewish Bible), but you won't find them in the New Testament (by definition, the Christian part). Basically, Jesus taught us to love our enemies and turn the other cheek. The violence in the New Testament is all being done TO Christians, not BY Christians. Jesus taught peace and love. Muhammed taught violence as a tool of his religion.

Comment: Lock code (Score 2) 218

by MikeMo (#46622111) Attached to: Smartphone Kill-Switch Could Save Consumers $2.6 Billion
Doesn't the existing Apple passcode with fingerprint solution solve this problem (I think Samsung is doing something like this, too)? It appears to me that the device is useless to anyone except the original owner, since it can't be unlocked, even after a wipe and a re-flash. The fingerprint makes the passcode not a burden to the owner.

Isn't that sufficient?

Comment: It's all about cable cutters (Score 1) 150

What's really going on here is that Comcast (and the other cable companies) realize that some/most/all of their current subscriber base is eventually going to "cut the cable" and go with internet-based TV and free broadcast TV. It's easier than you think if you have an Apple TV or Roku or some such.

What Comcast is doing is trying to find a way to keep their revenue up when they're not hauling in boatloads on the Cable TV side of the ledger. When content providers are paying for bits, then Comcast has a revenue stream to replace the revenue lost when someone cuts their cable.

Comment: Re:Rent-seeking? (Score 0) 150

Exactly which monopoly position is Apple leveraging in an illegal way? You mean using their boatload of cash? That is certainly not illegal. They do not have a monopoly position in any business whatsoever, except possibly the iPod, which no longer matters and has nothing to do with TV, anyway.

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by MikeMo (#46521253) Attached to: Malware Attack Infected 25,000 Linux/UNIX Servers
You do know that the OS back then is a completely different base than OSX? That OSX is FreeBSD based and OS9 (the one back in the late 90's) was based on the original Mac OS from 1984? That there's no relationship AT ALL between the OS's? And so there is no relationship between what viruses may have occurred on Macs in the 90's and Macs of today?

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by MikeMo (#46491673) Attached to: Religion Is Good For Your Brain
I don't think /. counts for the simple reason that everyone here is negative. Nothing works, government is stupid, all corporations are evil*, religion is stupid, life is useless, abandon all hope and go get drunk. As Buffalo Springfield once said, "nobody's right if everybody's wrong".

*except google

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by MikeMo (#46371627) Attached to: Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience
In the Old Testament, the Jewish people, while wandering in the desert, after seeing the parting of the Red Sea and all the miracles Moses brought down on Egypt, continue to fall away from God. He even had an actual presence in their Temple, and would show up as a flaming column from time to time. Nonetheless, they would turn to idols and he'd have to "smite" them from time to time.

So, yes, even though literally in the presence of God, some people don't believe. Odd, that.

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by MikeMo (#46310879) Attached to: Apple Fixes Dangerous SSL Authentication Flaw In iOS
Apple's strategy is to test, test, test and then test the best they can, release multiple beta versions to developers for testing, take a very long time to release new versions, and then patch the missed bugs that show up as fast as they can. Pretty much the way any professional software house does business.

Or are you of the opinion that it's possible to release such a massive amount of code totally bug-free?

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