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+ - Anti-Java prof. says Java Grads "won't get job->

Submitted by
MidVicious writes "NYU Professor Robert Dewar summarizes that new college students' reliance on Java, the language listed number one on TIOBE Software's list of popular programming languages, aren't developing the deep programming skills necessary to make them invaluable.
In the article, Dewar states, "If all we do is train students to be able to do simple Web programming in Java, they won't get jobs, since those are the jobs that can be easily outsourced. What we need are software engineers who understand how to build complex systems." Certainly not the first Java-bitter NYU professor, but possibly the most outspoken."

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Comment: Re:Space Madness! (Score 0, Flamebait) 1268

by MidVicious (#24321701) Attached to: Apollo 14 Moonwalker Claims Aliens Exist

I love how so many fools, in all of their make-believe worship and haughty arrogance, actually believe that Earth, in this constantly expanding universe, is the only planet capable of sustaining intelligent and mobile lifeforms.

But forget it, okay, keep blowing yourselves to hell. You know, hell, that place with the fire and the red guy with the pointy tail?

United States

+ - Steve Jobs Responsible for Global Warming

Submitted by walrus2517
walrus2517 (74306) writes "It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio won't be sporting his iPod too much longer. According to this Greenpeace(http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id =upiUPI-20070405-122532-1884R&show_article=1) report, Apple is one of the least "green friendly" electronic companies, ranking near the bottom in nearly every category. I expect the GOP to demand Al Gore remove "An Inconvenient Truth" from the iTunes store any day now. Editor: I don't know html so if you can add the hyperlink I would appreciate it."
The Internet

+ - Christian porn addicts seek help at XXX Church?

Submitted by
policy | whitehouser
policy | whitehouser writes "With the fate of .xxx domains looming and no clear direction given by Congress, the adult industry appears safe for now. Religious advocates believe an online red light district will serve to advertise and not regulate pornography online, which has become a hot topic within Christian communities. Notwithstanding the adult industry's dominion over Internet content, Christian ministers seek to derail porn among Christians and others seeking counsel. Craig Gross, founder of a successful "Porn and Pancakes" community has found his way online and is promoting XXXChurch. The objective of his online venture is to help break people break their internet porn habits. While the domain name seems to contradict its purpose, it is achieving the objective: to help porn addicts with their problem. In an unscientific poll that shows 70% of Christians reported a problem with daily online pornography habits, and 76% of pastors reported the same. CNN broke the story. According to the article, every second there are over 28,0000 viewers of internet porn."

+ - Sci-Fi Writer John Ringo vs. Vista, Word, & DR

Submitted by Ruach
Ruach (22461) writes "Sci-Fi writer John Ringo writes a detailed description (almost a short story) of the PAIN of having to upgrade to Vista when his XP laptop died — hint he made a mistake "a BUNCH of my songs are from MSN Music, which has been closed down." It is so long his web master put it into a PDF. http://www.johnringo.com/Abyss/OMFG.pdf
If this is the future of DRM computing — Linux will take over the desktop. A quote from near the end of the article, "If anyone can set me up on Linux, I might as well switch over. But I'm going to need major hand-holding. I've been an MS slave for a long time. But Vista has broken me." — John Ringo
(Warning explicit language in article)."

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