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Comment: Re:Could someone explain why... (Score 1) 129

I have the same question. From the article, "This is because RLNC can recreate any packet lost on the receiving side from a later sequenced packet." If this is truly the case, just send me the very last packet and I can recreate all the packets that were supposed to come before by working backwards.

Comment: Auto switches (Score 5, Insightful) 415

My experience is that if an iPhone is unable to send an iMessage (shows as blue), it automatically falls back to text message after 5 minutes (shows as green). After a few of these in a row, it defaults to text message until the iMessage connection can be re-established with the other endpoint. (Of course, this option can be turned off if you prefer to use only iMessages, at which point it's not going to be allowed it to fall back.)

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