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Comment: Re:So What's The Point (Score 1, Interesting) 199 199

by MicrosoftRepresentit (#43035283) Attached to: HTML5 Storage Bug Can Fill Your Hard Drive
Using javorscript to generate the data quicker than most hard disks could write it, with no bandwidth usage other than fetching the script itself, so thats not a problem. But yeah, just a single gigabyte would require 200 subdomains so I'm not really seeing the danger here.

Comment: Re:Ignorance is just so wonderful to see in action (Score 0) 628 628

by MicrosoftRepresentit (#18313983) Attached to: Why Dell Won't Offer Linux On Its PCs
As someone who uses a PC at work for heavy development (everything from Windows device drivers to large .NET apps and ASP.NET websites) I have never *once* needed to edit the registry, or known anyone else in the office need to, and I've never once had to suggest editing the registry to fix a problem one of my less computer literate freinds has had. Our Linux boxes, on the other hand, require config file hacking fairly frequently.

Even if you had to edit the registry, whats so difficult about modifying key/value pairs? Seems a hell of a lot simpler then overly verbose XML or some hideous syntax some nerd has just made up.

I use a Mac at home, FWIW...no hacking required

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