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Comment: Abandon $50 and $100 bills! (Score 1) 943

by Microsift (#42148347) Attached to: Is It Time For the US To Ditch the Dollar Bill?

The $1 bill is useful for everyday transactions, the $100 bill is useful for gamblers in Las Vegas and drug dealers. While I have no problem with the former, making it more difficult for drug dealers to do business seems like a good policy. Also, it would be two fewer bills that we would have to worry about people counterfeiting.

Comment: Funny that a guy who can't do math... (Score 1) 551

by Microsift (#37491484) Attached to: Your State University Doesn't Want You

...or read a table is complaining about higher education. Ohio State University doesn't have 16,000+ out of state students, it has 11,442 (according to the document the post links to). Foreign students are included in that number. There are 52,635 Ohioans, 11,442 non-Ohioans for a total enrollment of 64,077.

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