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Comment: Re:testable? (Score 1) 285

by MichaelKristopeit313 (#34636646) Attached to: X Particle Might Explain Dark Matter & Antimatter
your comments receive no positive moderation and spur no discussion, and yet you choose to judge others?

what sites are "like Slashdot"? how were you designated on all such sites as the person responsible for assigning value to individual users? OR did that never happen?

you're an ignorant hypocrite.

the fact that you're responding to me is very telling.

you're completely pathetic.

Comment: Re:1415 bugs?! (Score 1) 385

by MichaelKristopeit313 (#34635724) Attached to: Firefox 4 Beta 8 Up
Uh............ i didn't say the tokenization was done entirely with regular expressions... i said regular expressions were utilized... perhaps you don't understand the difference. i would not be surprised if you didn't. please do remain an idiot?

if you really are in any way associated with the mozilla development process, it's even more clear to me why they are accumulating so much broken code full of logical failures in their flagship products.

you're an idiot.

Comment: Re:1415 bugs?! (Score 1) 385

by MichaelKristopeit313 (#34634900) Attached to: Firefox 4 Beta 8 Up
"enhancement bugs"... said the programmer full of excuses.

a bug is a bug. it is not a feature request. it is only an enhancement as so much as it is a removal of a logical FAILURE.

why would i ever use a browser 10 years into a production cycle that continues to have thousands of bugs identified? why would anyone?

but hey, if your mother named you "higuita" why wouldn't you tell people that is your name, "its" fine!

you're an idiot.

"Now this is a totally brain damaged algorithm. Gag me with a smurfette." -- P. Buhr, Computer Science 354