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+ - SPAM: Pitivi has raised 13,000 € of their 35,000 € goal!

Submitted by Mathieu_Du
Mathieu_Du writes: Yesterday the crowdfunding campaign for Pitivi has received a sizable donation from GStreamer, € 2,500. This came immediately after DistroWatch, the news website for Linux distributions, donated € 280 to the campaign as part of their monthly donation program, and helped raise the current amount of donation to € 13,000 ($ 18,000) at the end of their eleventh day of fundraising. The website for the campaign is at [spam URL stripped] .
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+ - Delete Site From Google Even If You Don't Own It

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Google Webmaster Tools allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. It has tools that allows webmasters to delete their own webpages and domains form the Google. However, a bug in Google Webmaster tools can remove any Site from Google, even if you don't control it. The blogger could not find a method of contacting Google or reporting this directly. So he has published online. I hope Google fix this issue ASAP.

Comment: Re:Open Graphics Project (Score 1) 221 221

by MiKom (#17535662) Attached to: Open nVidia Linux Driver Pledge Nearly Complete
I just wanted to admit that OGP is not an option for gamers. I think it's good project for server market but gamers are left only with nvidia and ATI. However on OGP wiki they say something about increasing performance. If some day I will be able to play modern games with moderate performace, I'll buy it.

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