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Comment: Re:Android tablets (Score 0) 137

by MiG33 (#37127904) Attached to: Samsung Tablet Ban Lifted For Most of EU
Because you know, people have different needs. Tethering also is kind of pain in the ass, for both carrying two devices around and it doesn't always work that great. I'm willing to pay little extra to get more comfort. No, in fact I don't even have to pay extra for that. In my country operators are sane and they happily give you two sim cards, so you can use the same plan on both your phone and your tablet.

Comment: Android tablets (Score -1, Troll) 137

by MiG33 (#37127238) Attached to: Samsung Tablet Ban Lifted For Most of EU
The problem with Android tablets is that they really aren't up to par with iPad. They look and feel clumsy, they don't have the same app economy that iPad has and most of all Android devices suffer from fragmentation. I really wish someone would come up with a better device. Microsoft's Courier looked great, so I hope they work on similar concept with Nokia.

Comment: Re:Suing themselves (Score 2) 87

by MiG33 (#37126980) Attached to: Judge Dismisses Google's Complaint Over Android Code Viewing
Same here when I read about this. I'm still also surprised slashdot crowd believes all the crap Google says, even when the truth has hit them in the face so many times lately and before.

The truth is, almost all of Google's products are proprietary. Since they piggybacked on Linux kernel they had to open up Android some. Yet they still manage to withhold distributing said code for months at a time. A thing slashdot crowd would demand billions of damages to other companies for GPL violation. However, when it's Google it must be okay because they say they're not evil. Sigh.

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