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Comment: Re:Do none of you fight for the users? (Score 1) 142

by Mex (#43775523) Attached to: Yahoo Board Approves a $1.1B Pricetag For Tumblr

No offense, but are you 16, or perhaps never explored the internet? There's hundreds of alternatives to blogging platforms, including rolling your own. I think even Google Plus works like you'd want with super advanced "Chronological order" features.

I imagine Yahoo will indeed screw up Tumblr, but "Think of the artists!" is the last reason to get worried about...

Comment: No (Score 1) 433

by Mex (#43061663) Attached to: Did Steve Jobs Pick the Wrong Tablet Size?

After owning an iPad since release in 2010, and now switching to a Mini, I've come to the realization that the full size iPad is much more useful. You trade portability for overall comfort too.

I thought the mini would be just as good as the full size iPad, but it's not. If you had given me the two choices in 2010, I'd have chosen the Mini, so Steve Jobs did it right : )

Comment: Re:Slashvertising? (Score 1) 430

by Mex (#42120539) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Will You Shop Local Like President Obama, Or Online?

You say: "your community" is richer--where "your community" is a book store.
But you make it seem as if the money the book store receives disappears, but presumably it goes to improve the local community? What about the money the local bookstore receives from you and pays taxes with?

As a customer, seems to me paying a bit less to "foreign" companies just to save some money for myself is bad in the long term? Similar to WalMart's deal.

Just asking questions that popped into my head and would like some clarification on your post.

Comment: Re:Good for them (Score 2) 252

by Mex (#41847609) Attached to: Apple Delays Simpler and Cleaner iTunes 'to Get It Right'

Just because you haven't heard of the guy who designed both the Maps app and Siri doesn't mean it wasn't a very significant move for them to sack him. I don't know the names or importance of any Obama cabinet members in the US but I bet they're kind of significant.

Presumably it will make things better in the future, but a public apology and important heads rolling is at least an acknowledgement that they want to do things better.

Comment: Re:People should pay for their choices (Score 1) 842

by Mex (#40264653) Attached to: California City May Tax Sugary Drinks Like Cigarettes

Just because you "try your best" to eat healthy doesn't mean you can throw out decades of nutritional studies.

Look, it doesn't matter how many sugary drinks your acquaintances gulp down every day, what matters in the end is how many calories they burn compared to you.

If you work out once a day and the rest of your time is spent at a desk in near-immobility, while they have a physically active job, then they're going to burn more calories than you. Regardless if you work out and don't drink soda.

The only logical conclusion is that you're somehow ingesting more calories than you need and burning less than you should (if your goal is to be thinner).

It doesn't matter if you believe you are "doing it better". It's simply physically impossible for you to consume less calories and stay fatter.

So yes, it is all in the foods consumed.

Of course, this does not mean they are healthier than you, but it also does not mean you are healthier, or that drinking 8 sugary drinks per day is conducive to being as thin as they are.

Comment: Re:Well good to know (Score 2) 356

by Mex (#38492872) Attached to: Anonymous Hacks US Think Tank Stratfor

You're pretty ignorant about this.

Anyone can access Stratfor's content for about 100 dollars per year. And if you just subscribe to their newsletter (no money required) they send free "intelligence" reports every few days.

It's not like only companies can receive their information, any global citizen can educate themselves if they choose to, have "First mover" advantage.

Their analysis are usually very informative, no bias (unlike "free" news), and from my limited understanding, they tend to get a lot of their information and predictions right.

It's like hacking Slashdot for offering a subscription option or something. I don't agree with this move by Anon.

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Ask Gaming [Designer, Professor, Gadfly] Ian Bogost 57

Posted by timothy
from the how-about-a-nice-tax-system-game dept.
Ian Bogost is a professor of game theory at Georgia Tech, a game designer, a prolific writer, an entrepreneur, and a bit of a prankster. These roles which sometimes overlap, notably in his surprise success satirical Facebook game Cow Clicker, which you can think of as the Anti-Zynga. Wired has a fresh article up about Bogost (which cleverly embeds a sort of micro version of Cow Clicker). It also mentions another game — my favorite of his projects — that should be on the mind of every TSA employee, the 2009 release Jetset. Ask Ian about clicking cows, being an academic provocateur as well as a participant in the world of gaming, and breaking into the world of social gaming. (Please break unrelated questions into multiple comments.)

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.