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Comment: Protection against this (Score 1) 222

by MessedRocker (#33371942) Attached to: Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime

Incidentally, I have a sort of instinctual protection against this kind of thing to make sure I get the downtime I need. After enough computer use my brain says ENOUGH! and I just stop for a few minutes. Maybe it's a sort of attention deficit disorder, but I say it's my brain knowing when enough input is enough input.

Comment: Re:One thing I don't do is troublesome licenses (Score 1) 344

by MessedRocker (#31474176) Attached to: What Aspects of Open Source Projects Do You Avoid?

I find that the effectiveness of a software license is directly proportional to the amount of money the coder has to spend on legal fees. Maybe I don't have enough experience here, but free-software coders don't strike me as particularly wealthy.

(This statement is not an endorsement of software license violation, which is considered copyright infringement and not just contract violation.)

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