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Comment Ask this question and see what the answer is? (Score 1) 464

Most surveys show what the sponsor of the survey wants to be shown... Lets ask a few more interesting questions

1) What percentage chance do you want the gun to fail shooting when someone is threatening a family member
2) Would you buy a gun that unlocked with the same percentage (and time) as your current generation cell phone
3) If a gun fails to fire because of a safe lock - who should be responsible for its failure?
There are already trigger locks that do what you want, there are safeties to take care of the gun when the trigger lock is removed. People that actually know gun safety and have trained the people around them don't see the problem. Those that haven't think a tech solution will work - it won't

Comment Flaw in Intel's software process (Score 1) 34

So having worked at Intel in software for many years - there is a fundamental flaw. Each group inside Intel hires a "installer guy" that is responsible for installing and updating their component. Get enough Intel hardware/software on your system and you will see 3 or 4 of these utilities running - each with their own little flaws.

What I would have expected in an Intel update tool that each group would plug into and get updates handled. Then instead of the 15-20 people working on Installers at Intel, each making their own flawed implementation, you would have 5-10 people at Intel working on an awesome installer with the rest being used to make products better.

Never happen in their org. though

Comment Re:A coordination office? Like that'll help (Score 1) 63

Like the post office that looses billions of dollars a year. The only other company so inept at wasting tax dollars as a "public" company is amtrack. Why not just ditch all of the unprofitable rail lines and keep the one line that makes money on the eastern seaboard.
Trains just don't make sense for hauling people. Cheaper to fly and takes way less time

Comment Re:Why not just do like Netflix and use AWS? (Score 2) 33

Netflix would kill to get out from under AWS and paying the profits that Amazon gets, the problem is once your data is locked in - it is hard to get away. AWS is great for small (in big data center terms) projects with unknown scaling - once you are pushing a significant amount of the Internet's traffic it is good to have your own data center where you can control content, costs, etc.

Comment Re:Catching nulls (Score 1) 164

I don't really believe this. I have only used the pattern
check for NULL

There are a few different things to do in the error, do you goto error handling at the end? Do you start unwinding previous work and exit out? Yes, I have done all of those in different situations, with different coding standards around me, but the basic NULL check is the next thing that happens directly after the allocation. Note that compilers don't care about formatting and whitespace, so if you do it on one line, 3 lines or with 100 page breaks in the middle - it doesn't care to the compilers parser that will feed into the binary. This isn't a check for formatting, but for algorithm styles, and I bet they can't pull a programmer's code out of a teams code around them all using the same style guidelines (that would affect the expression of algorithms)

Comment Re:Why is a datacenter special? (Score 1) 94

You are missing one assumption, that all states tax loads are the same. There are high tax states, and low tax states - so if you are contemplating moving to a high tax state, and a low tax state comes in to bid on the project - the high tax state has to offer a tax break to be competitive. There is no reason for the low tax state to even start with an offer.

Then you get into high regulatory compliance states vs. low regulatory compliance states, that is a huge deal as well.

Now what would be easier is if states that wanted to naturally attract business went into a low tax overhead, low regulatory compliance mode - took the burden off of their small/medium businesses that don't make the headlines and let them grow naturally... Probably much more impact than bringing in 1000 jobs with a data center

Comment Re:A typo my ass... (Score 1) 339

Actually, even the shall is not binding on the USA until it is agreed on. Kerry knows very well as a former senior senator how to count to 60, which is what would be needed to get a treaty that is binding on the USA to get approved by the Senate.

So please realize what the difference in an executive order and a formal treaty is.

Comment Re:Building new reactors (Score 1) 148

And that's pocket change, really. War on Drugs is costing us $15B/year. War on terror runs about $100B/year. []

You do realize there is a HUGE difference in money that we all spend through the government (See above) and money that private companies spend because they believe that they will make a profit on it (It is cheaper to produce nuke power than it is other power, otherwise please build the other power plants).

Your guess on solar/wind is way off base. The best you could do is get 10-15% from combined solar/wind, so that leaves 65% hydrocarbon/nuke. Yes there are large scale hydro plants, but they only add up to about 7%, you might be able to get this to 20, but I wouldn't like to see the natural disasters that follow. Interestingly solar doesn't even rate a mention (gets included with "Other" at 2.1 percent).

Comment Re:Thanks anti-nuke extremists! (Score 4, Insightful) 148

Yes it is that bad. Imagine having to replace 40% of your electric load generation for Virginia. This is done with 2 nuke plants, probably 5-10 coal plants, or covering the state in solar panels and going dark at night. Now I can't build a new plant - no permitting has been allowed out of the NRC since 3 mile island happened in the late 70s, you can't shut them down or the state goes dark (heck that is probably close to 1/2% of the power generated in the whole country). You have a small group of people that have made building new/retrofiting old reactors a non starter so we are left with 50 year old reactors powering our country for the foreseeable future. The smart thing to do would be to build modern reactors to decommission old reactors, leading to safer electricity and fewer pollutants in our environment.

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