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Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 676

The simple answer is yes. Think about what the second amendment is protecting you from... It is protecting you from a tyrannical government, it is not to protect you from starvation by taking away your ability to shoot at rats, gophers, and other small rodents - it isn't even about protecting yourself from burglars, and other assorted riff raff. The purpose of the second amendment is to protect you from a tyrannical government that is bent on taking your rights away. Do you think the NSA would be doing what it is doing if at some point a group of organized citizens would show up a couple miles from their large data centers and start dropping 105 shells onto the data centers?

I don't think so

Comment Re:DONALD TRUMP NOW!! - no understanding of gov. (Score 1) 493

So - my favorite Trumpism so far is that the 14th amendment to the constitution is unconstitutional.

Guess actually being in the constitution isn't enough for these people to make it so, this is the scariest thing since BO started presidential decrees to "Make it so" regardless of what the law/constitution actually says (And yes, saying that you are acting because Congress refuses to act in the way you want them to isn't an excuse here)

Comment -- I dare you. Double Dare (Score 4, Interesting) 268

So worked at a large company, diversity plan in place... New employee comes in working for the biggest jerk of a manager. Couldn't get the problem solved through HR - decided to quit. Sent a So long and thanks for the fish e-mail to the CEO saying his diversity words were crap - and gave an example why. At just after 5PM, friend got a call from Uncle Paul to ask for 48 hours before they quit. Two morning later (36 hours) goes into work and there was a reorg - everyone was on the org chart but the one manager...

Word to the wise... Yes, CEOs can listen, and do listen.

Comment I am all for this (Score 1) 392

As soon as they agree that every elected politician/bureaucrat/police man/etc. has one of these phones that the public can ask for a Non-denyable FOIA request to get all of the data off of it.

Now we simply FOIA the entire thing - wrap it up on a fully searchable wiki site and have access to what our politicians are really doing

I don't think too many of them would want their phones accessible this way, so why should I?

Comment Let me get this straight (Score 1) 458

So you create a government, that by its mere whim can decide to grant/take away billions of dollars from individual companies (See Tesla vs. Coal) and then you expect companies not to want to have a say in the outcome. The easy solution to the outside influence problem is a less intrusive government that doesn't make it worth the money to spend on politicians. If the government had less influence on the economic outcomes of people and companies - people and companies would spend less money on getting the outcomes that they want.

Lets start with a mandate that ALL congress critters must go into a sealed room with a pencil, calculator and a land line that only dials the IRS help line (where they can wait in the queue). They get to do their annual taxes, turn them in and have a super audit with published results (ok, lets say %accurate). Hopefully this will lead very quickly to a new tax code that is significantly simpler without all of the carve outs, and fancy working that can be misinterpreted.

Next lets start with regulations - make congress responsible for following all of the laws that they pass, lets start with minimum wage - Yes interns should be paid at least the minimum wage.

Comment Re:30 Times Faster? (Score 1) 223

You apparently don't know what HPC stands for... Half Price Computing - everyone drives their margins to 0 to win one of these multi million dollar contracts. The only companies that win are the suppliers to the bidders. So lets see in 4 years CPU/GPUs will have 5-6x more compute power, we can throw 5-6x more CPUs at the problem and connect them up with nice 200-400Gbs (5-8x) interconnect. This isn't a research problem - just an interesting engineering problem.
What is probably a research problem is adapting the algorithms to keep all of those 100's of thousand CPU cores busy solving the same problem and keeping them filled with useful work. I am not sure how well MPI will scale to this level

Comment Re:Helping a full third of all citizens? (Score 2) 80

a third of the 3,800 residents have Twitter accounts

That isn't even the most objectionable thing in the summary. I found that the mayor of the town of 3,800 has 350K followers, I can imagine the signal to noise ratio involved there. Does the mayor have to filter through 1000 twits to find one that actually came from a constituent. Even worse if he uses twitter to do simple polling... What does his followers say vs. the people that actually live there.

Comment Re:Go Solar, it can make good financial sense. (Score 1) 259

Ok - so these "Subsides" are simply tax deductions that every business in the country gets. I spend money on R&D/Salary/manufacturing - I don't pay taxes on my expenses. If the claim is I pay taxes on revenues - the analysis is wrong and back to my original complaint.

A subsidy is like the electric car business where the government pays me 15,000 dollars to purchase a tesla - causing the cost of the Tesla to go down. The cost of manufacturing being deducted from Tesla's taxes as an expense is not a subsidy at all.

Comment Re:Go Solar, it can make good financial sense. (Score 1) 259

I keep hearing this "Big Oil Subsidies", I also keep hearing about the billions of dollars the oil industry pays to lease land to extract oil, and the permitting/protest process they go through that looses money as well.

Can someone quantify what subsidies they get?

Is it simply a tax deduction for R&D that everyone gets?

Is it the fact that they extract 1B in oil value, but only pay 1/2 Billion in leases (In otherwords they make a profit instead of the government)

What are these subsidies i keep hearing about

Comment Re:Progressive Fix 101 (Score 1) 622

I'm ok with the Tax Gas -> Why spend it though, we already spend more than we take in... Why not just use the extra money to reduce the deficit instead.

Why do we have this, oh lets raise taxes to spend more money mentality, it is short sighted and stupid. We should raise revenue or cut spending until we have paid off our debt, and then spend the extra money on programs that will raise the prosperity of the country more than not taking the money from individuals can do it. Trust me that is a pretty high bar.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 238

You must work for very piss poor companies. Most of the companies that I have worked for make 400-500K per employee. Yes, at that level most of us can be paid enough to live on.
Burger flippers may only make 100K per employee - but then that is a minimum wage job that pulls down 20K a year, plus fees/expenses/overhead etc. no wonder they can't make it at 15 dollars an hour.
If you think your salary is the most important part of the equation - you are mistaken, COGS, buildings, benefits are a significant cost there. 100K per employee means 50K in profit per employee (If you have a 50% gross margin)... Think about that.

Comment Re:Rare arguement for jury nullification (Score 2) 629

Very true.

When did our schools become police states. I don't ever remember even seeing a police officer at my high school /*mumble*/ years ago (Now get off my grass). Now the schools have police officers on the property as an assignment, and trivial things like this become fully punishable by the state. What is wrong with two weeks suspension (Which I still think is heavy for a simple student prank) without needing to get the police involved and the threat of being arrested and tried as an adult (at 14 - really?)

So yes, handle it as an internal school disciplinary issue, and don't have the police or local government get involved at all... There is no need to ruin children's lives at such a young age

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