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Comment: Re:Hydrobromic acid (Score 1) 225

Hmmm... I know I dumbed down the science a hell of a lot for the non-science folk, but even I doubt we are getting hydrobromic acid; I was just trying to get a concept across and didn't expect to be taken literally. We may be getting bromoacetic acid derivatives via a reaction of peracetic acid (from the TAED) with bromine, but without analytical kit to see what's happening it's hard to work out what it going on. Some high-powered chemistry help wouldn't go amiss here....

Comment: Retr0bright (Score 1) 225

There are fanboys everywhere, if you look hard enough ;) To be honest, We've been goven such a hard time about this, it's a wonder I got the motivation to write it up at all... Criticism is easy and requires no effort at all, actually coming up with a logical scientific explanation for this requires a lot more, and that's where the fanboys lose interest. This process works, I know it's related to bromine chemistry in the flame retardant, I just don't happen to have an HPLC or a GC at home to be able to prove this, that's all. Harpo at Atari Age is a more quaklified chemist than I and he was able to follow my reasoning and say that I was on the right track; it's just that it's a complex thing to pin down since there are so many ways the TBBP can react. nyhoo, don't take my word for it, prove it to yourselves....

Comment: Hi - Let the flamefest begin....... (Score 5, Informative) 225

Hi, I am the guy that wrote the Wiki. Now, I know that there are skeptics out there and I may have over simplified the science a bit so that non-nerds can understand what's going on, but I am open to listen to anyone who can explain the chemistry that is actually going on in a coherent way. I may have made it too simple I suppose. Regarding the ABS polymer itself; consider that black car bumpers and trim are made from (yes you've guessed it) ABS. These tend to go white (not yellow or brown) over a long time in sunlight. This is the ABS polymer degrading to the hydroperoxide via oxidation. The computer parts only go white if you use too strong a peroxide solution, so what is reacting under UV so quickly? My theory is it's the TBBP-A flame retardant which is active under UV and decomposes. There is also the phenomenon of migration, where ingredients can move within the plastic matrix and eventually get to the surface. I believe that the degradation products of TBBP-A migraet through the ABS and this is what make it discolour as the molecules attract oxygen molecules. There have also been comments elsewhere that the site is a hoax and that the photos are faked; if this were so, how could the photographs post in the various forums threads I added to the Reading section of the Wiki this morning be faked? They aren't, simple as......... I know I risk feeding trolls with this but this isn't a hoax. As this uses properietary products as part of the mixture, it couldn't be patented, however, I suppose I could have patented the use of H2O2 with TAED in a use for treating plastic. I chose not to and so it was released for all into the public domain. Don't flame me; try it for yourself. Let the flaming begin...........

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