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Comment Re:A Misnomer (Score 1) 317

Upgrade (noun)
a new version, improved model, etc.:

Upgrade (noun)
an occurrence in which one thing is replaced by something better, newer, more valuable, etc.

So even if Windows 10 was nothing more than "hello world", it is still, by definition, an upgrade.
and before you get all "hurr it's M$ it's never improved/better AMIRITE?" That doesn't matter, the definition means it can be one or more of those separated by commas

Comment Re:Windows 10 isn't Out Yet (Score 1) 317

We'll see if they get actual support. The only time I'll move this goalpost is to say that when using keyboard and mouse, that the Mouse is read like an actual mouse, not Analog spoofing like a Xim adapter does. While they are quite nifty, the precision isn't there.

Seems like it's supported to me, since it's on Sony's page. Granted I've never used either so I can't confirm/deny the Analog spoofing.

Also, I never said I'd be giving them money, I said we could have the discussion of moving to consoles as a major gaming platform.

True, I mixed that up with your later statement. Though I hope you mean 'major' as in majority of your gaming, and not gaming as a whole.

Comment Re:Windows 10 isn't Out Yet (Score 1) 317

If you have a PS4 you can live without Windows games too.

When any console supports KB/M for FPS, we can talk about not using a Windows system for gaming. Until that time, I'll be on my PC.

Any console? Guess you'll be giving money to "M$" when you get an Xbox One .
Now before you pick up that goalpost to start moving it, how about a PlayStation 4?

Comment Re:Too late? (Score 1) 132

Another? Wake me up when Chrome, Firefox, or Safari comply with standards and don't shit things up in random ways every time they update.

Wake me up when the standards are actually finalized and not "eh we'll get around to it, maybe, oh you know what, nevermind it's just a rolling release moving target now"

Comment Re:The next great copyright scam (Score 1) 93

Utter bullshit.

This is about term limits for copyright. 20 years seems reasonable, 90 does;t.

Same old screed from those who don't create - they believe creation must be done in a vacuum without any influence from prior works.

The OP said "Not only copyrights, but trademark and patents. Gone. For ever."
That doesn't sound like a limit, but an outright elimination. That was the mindset GP was replying to.

Comment Re:Future Shock (Score 1) 319

For me, it isn't enough to lower the number of clicks. Moving something I use all the time to behind three additional clicks, because the average user never sees it, is just stupid. Changing the name of the computer from "Computer" to "My Computer" to "The Computer" is change, for what reason? Changing things just to be different hurts everyone.

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it was done "just to be different".

Comment Re:Future Shock (Score 1) 319

Another is something like: "we tested A B and C and in general people using B did thing better/faster/easier".

Welcome to modern design. Save new users 1 click, betray existing userbase by creating a cumulative thousand misclicks per user.

Who said anything about new users vs existing users?

Comment Re:Future Shock (Score 1) 319

Justify the change.

When talking about GUIs, it often is justified. Sometimes with metrics like number of clicks, or click targets. Another is something like: "we tested A B and C and in general people using B did thing better/faster/easier". Unfortunately that leaves people who preferred A and C, or people with baby duck syndrome, to act like change is always done for the sake of change and no one ever listens to them.

To iterate is human, to recurse, divine. -- Robert Heller