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Comment Re:Never mind run Chrome extensions... (Score 1) 152

If they keep compatibility, people would bitch about 'bloat'.
If they never changed the API in the first place, people would bitch extensions were hard to write for.

When you have anything, especially software, with as many users as Firefox it is impossible to do (or not do) something that won't anger a non-zero number of users.

Comment Re:A Misnomer (Score 1) 317
Upgrade (noun)
a new version, improved model, etc.:
Upgrade (noun)
an occurrence in which one thing is replaced by something better, newer, more valuable, etc.

So even if Windows 10 was nothing more than "hello world", it is still, by definition, an upgrade.
and before you get all "hurr it's M$ it's never improved/better AMIRITE?" That doesn't matter, the definition means it can be one or more of those separated by commas

Comment Re:Windows 10 isn't Out Yet (Score 1) 317

We'll see if they get actual support. The only time I'll move this goalpost is to say that when using keyboard and mouse, that the Mouse is read like an actual mouse, not Analog spoofing like a Xim adapter does. While they are quite nifty, the precision isn't there.

Seems like it's supported to me, since it's on Sony's page. Granted I've never used either so I can't confirm/deny the Analog spoofing.

Also, I never said I'd be giving them money, I said we could have the discussion of moving to consoles as a major gaming platform.

True, I mixed that up with your later statement. Though I hope you mean 'major' as in majority of your gaming, and not gaming as a whole.

Comment Re:Windows 10 isn't Out Yet (Score 1) 317

If you have a PS4 you can live without Windows games too.

When any console supports KB/M for FPS, we can talk about not using a Windows system for gaming. Until that time, I'll be on my PC.

Any console? Guess you'll be giving money to "M$" when you get an Xbox One .
Now before you pick up that goalpost to start moving it, how about a PlayStation 4?

System going down in 5 minutes.