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Comment: Re:Not a good idea (Score 2) 390

by Merk42 (#46151479) Attached to: Government To Require Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication

This will prevent people from driving at a high rate of speed in the left lane, slamming on the brakes and swerving into the right lane just so they don't have to wait in line like everyone else or because they wanted to get one car ahead.

This will never fly because it's everyone's right to drive like they want.

If I want to drive on the sidewalk, it's my right!

P.S. I am completely and unequivocally opposed to this nonsensical crap being mandated for cars. If you can't pay attention to where you're driving, you shouldn't be driving. We need to stop coddling people and let them find out the hard way why rules of the road and safe driving methods exist.

That implies the only ones getting harmed from unsafe drivers are the unsafe drivers themselves.

Not saying I'm in favor of this either though.

Comment: Re:In other words ... (Score 1) 293

by Merk42 (#46150591) Attached to: Satya Nadella Named Microsoft CEO
...and GPs point is if they collectively listened to that kind of thing, we'd still be in DOS because OMG clicking on things is different AAAAHHH.

That is not to say that Windows 8 (metro/modern UI) is great, just that asking people what they want will always yield them asking for the same and not allow any room for innovation.

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by Merk42 (#46036941) Attached to: Canadian Music Industry Calls For Internet Regulation, Website Blocking

Sorry, but your argument is wrong.

Most "Owned" Bands (i.e. on a Major Record Label) do NOT make their money on the CD Sales. They make a pittance. They make most (if not ALL their money) on tours.

Isn't that what GP is saying? Since they make the majority of money on tours, studios focus on bands who "put on a good show, but do little else"

Comment: Re:HP has the pull to get MS to fix windows by 8.2 (Score 1) 513

by Merk42 (#46028191) Attached to: HP Brings Back Windows 7 'By Popular Demand' As Buyers Shun Windows 8

Really? This has to be explained to you? Some of us use more than one application simultaneously, often spreading out over multiple displays. In this case, starting new programs should not be a full screen focus grab.

I asked why you would need to see the active application and the open menu at the same time and you didn't provide me a situation

Using the mouse to ponderously scroll through piles of huge tiles on a huge display is tedious compared with a little menu in the corner.

Wouldn't the fact that the smaller menu has less items visible mean even more tedious scrolling?

Now if you don't like clicking through folders, I understand, but that is more the fault of vendors who insist on adding extra layers so as to get you to see their brand name regularly.

I love the false dichotomy that the Start Menu can be organized but the Start Screen can't

A nicely laid out start menu is far superior to any other convolution anyone has come up with.

Yeah pack it up for we have reached UI Utopia, anything else is a 'convolution'. Nevermind the fact that people were saying the same things about Windows XP's start menu when Windows 7 was in development


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