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Comment: Re: USA in good company... (Score 1) 648

by MenThal (#49709611) Attached to: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Gets Death Penalty In Boston Marathon Bombing

There is no dichotomy or hypocrisy in *wanting* revenge when it happens to your close ones, and *advocating* a more ethical position when you have the luxury of distance.

The first is adrenaline, hormones and your lizard brain; the causes for most of the mayhem through the ages. The latter is our eternal struggle to make a society which is better than the sum of its parts.

If you want revenge in both cases, you will lead us down the path of a blind world. If you have the calmness to seek only justice in both cases, you're probably a sociopath. Feeling the rage in the first and the frustration in the second case; that is to be human.

Comment: Re: Fast track (Score 1) 355

by MenThal (#49580271) Attached to: University Overrules Professor Who Failed Entire Management Class

Courses like Strategic management (and management classes in general) are "soft" sciences, whereas Financial analysis, Investments, Micro- and macroeconomics are "hard" sciences, sort of. It is an age old dichotomy in academics.

Hard science classes are hard to pass because it is hard to actually do what you know you are supposed to do.

Soft science classes are hard to pass because you really have no clue what you are doing or are supposed to be doing. BS and common sense only get you so far.

Any soft class I took, I ended up in the middle of the scale. Any hard class I took, I ended up either high or low, never middle.

  I've had a ton of IT, economic and management classes in a wide range over the years, and the grades on my diplomas thus looks like a scatter shot diagram. Only management classes I really liked were those that actually tried to use real, valid and useful metrics in a meaningful way... ... although I wish be here had been a Herding Cats class, that would have been useful.

Comment: Re: It is an ad. (Score 1) 216

by MenThal (#49579991) Attached to: How Google Searches Are Promoting Genocide Denial

There needs to be two such options ; Any of the above (I don't care), and None of the above (they all suck).

If the first gets a majority, the winner should be selected at random, with people being able to play a lottery betting on candidates.

If the latter gets a majority, all the candidates are [CENSORED] on live television as new candidates are presented. This should help get both voting and ratings up. Or lead to anarchy. It's a toss up.

Comment: Re: Car analogy (Score 1) 125

Never had much trouble with motion sickness in Descent, but I grew up with very long car drives in the summer vacation as a kid.

Descent did disoriented me quite a bit. I think I spent nearly an hour on a level, not recognizing any location... Until I rolled 180 and noticed I was staring at the entrance. I'd flown the whole way back upside down...

As for watching others play anything 3D; how can you not get sick? If not by motion, then by frustration that they are DOING IT ALL WRONG! But more seriously, watching others, your brain has no compensation due to expectations on visual input based on your action, which I think an important and critical component to consider in the design. But we might just be in the VR version of Uncanny Valley here.

Comment: Re: sage (Score 1) 352

by MenThal (#49559825) Attached to: The Future Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

Owners can kick the board. The board can kick the CEO. And all three can kick the cronies.

But in practice, that is all theoretical, and due to the high visibility, they are not "fired", but rather "step down" with a golden parachute to pursue "other opportunities".

It is basically like firing, but with a silver tounge and golden severance package.

One good suit is worth a thousand resumes.