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Comment: A few corrections (Score 1) 195

by MemoryDragon (#43190169) Attached to: Apple Faces Lawsuit For Retina MacBook Pro 'Ghosting' Issue

I have been following the thread on the Apple Support Forums for quite a while, there are some infos missing.

a) The thread was reset viewwise at 600.000 views hence the actual number of views is much higher
b) Only LG displays seem to show the issue, also affected by this issue are the 13 inch retina macbook pros and the new iMacs. Apple did not change their behavior regarding their supply chain even after months of knowing they had an issue on their hands.
c) Apple seems to run a checkerboards test which basically tells if the image retention is bad enough that it warrants a display exchange. So if you have a certain amount of burn in your changes are high that you wont get your display replaced as Apple states this is totally normal behavior for an IPS panel. Whether Apple is right in this or not I do not know.
d) Apple still is silent on this issue, they probably simply want to sit this out instead of offering a full recall, given that they seem to still sell lots of machines with LG panels which show ghosting indicates that they do not have to many options due to having burned their bridges with Samsung.
e) The thread does not indicate on how many machines are affected, but given the huge number of posts a lot of them.

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