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Comment Android tablets (Score 1) 220

Flash drives me crazy. Financial sites like to use it for graphs and charts and I can't install it on my Samsung tablet. Yes I know there are tricks with alternate browsers etc but I bought a damn tablet to be easy. Most of these sites have apps, but almost inevitably they are less full featured than the website.

Comment Re: Oracle's monopoly? (Score 1) 457

Not sure why that's related. There's just a security setting to allow our disallow installing apks. You need to load the amazon prime video app that route, since they have shitty app store and don't want to be on Google's. Or install their app store as an apk, and then download prime video from there. My old HTC had amazon store preinstalled but none of my other phones did

Comment Re: Smartphones are for cows (Score 2) 80

"Tizen is an open and flexible operating system built from the ground up to address the needs of all stakeholders of the mobile and connected device ecosystem, including device manufacturers, mobile operators, application developers and independent software vendors (ISVs). Tizen is developed by a community of developers, under open source governance, and is open to all members who wish to participate."

Hmm :)

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