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The Internet

+ - Cool FireFox Plug-in Installation Trick

Submitted by
Ravi Jayagopal
Ravi Jayagopal writes "Every time I come across a cool Firefox plug-in, I want to install it and use it right away, but I have to close all open Firefox windows and restart Firefox again. So, here 's a cool trick that I came up with, that you can use to install a plug-in, and still get back to where you were, without losing track of the sites that you had open. -in-installation-trick/"
The Internet

+ - Why Craigslist won't run ads

Submitted by
prostoalex writes "USA Today interviews Jim Buckmaster, CEO of popular online classifieds site CraigsList. The company currently has 23 employees, never paid a single dime to advertise itself, but nevertheless is 9th most popular Web site in the US (USA Today quotes Alexa). Viewed as a major factor in declining newspaper subscriptions, CraigsList has this to say: "On the charge of "stealing" ads from newspapers, Buckmaster remains quietly unapologetic. The big newspaper chains continue to be about twice as profitable as the average American business, he says, "so it's not as though they're hurting." Newspapers have become "beholden to Wall Street," he says. "The primary focus is not necessarily on journalism; it's on maximizing revenue.""

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