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Comment Opting out (Score 1) 1

All customers can opt-out of the Mediacom search option. There is a opt out link on the redirected page. If you are having issues with the Mediacom Opt-Out service for the redirect of the browser, after opting out via the website, if you still have this happen please do the following Open Command Prompt and enter the following command nslookup google.cmo. and then press enter (please note that's CMO and not COM) if you are opted out of the service you will get the following message... C:\Documents and Settings\user>nslookup google.cmo. Server: Address: *** can't find google.cmo.: Non-existent domain If you are still opted in, you will get the following message C:\Documents and Settings\user>nslookup google.cmo. Server: Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: google.cmo Address: If you have opted out but you are getting the message from command prompt, please personal message one of the active moderators at the Mediacom Customer support forum so we can look into this. If any customers have difficulty with the opt-out process I would be happy to assist or investigate. We can be reached on Twitter at @mediacomsupport or you can visit our forums at

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