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Comment: Re:More than two sides (Score 1) 1306

by MechaBlue (#27325903) Attached to: Texas Vote May Challenge Teaching of Evolution

You can not take every word in the Bible literally. It was not meant to be a literal factual scientific document. It was written to teach people the Word of God.

How do I know which words are literal and which are not? How can I learn the Word of God if what is written in the Bible can't be understood by reading?

Do I read the book and know, in my heart, what is and what isn't? What if I find that none of it should be taken literally?

Do I seek out someone to tell me which words are literal and which are not? There are so many people that want to tell me how but they all tell me different things. Is an older church better? A newer church? A popular church? One that supports a more literal interpretation or a less literal interpretation?

Should I listen to you? You say you have it all figured out. So does the Pope. And Warren Jeffs. Why would I listen to you instead of one of them? Why would I listen to one of them instead of you?

Comment: Re:Just unplug the damned things, people! (Score 2, Insightful) 222

by MechaBlue (#26553865) Attached to: Fujitsu To Show Off "Zero-Watt" PC At CeBIT

Turning a computer on can take several minutes of repetitive, non-productive work. You need to boot the system, log in, open applications, open documents, and find you place in the documents. This can take several minutes.

Standby mode takes care of this hassle at the cost of a few Watts of power. Now they have a way to get the benefits without using those few Watts of power.

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"If anything can go wrong, it will." -- Edsel Murphy