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Comment: Apparently more popular in Europe (Score 4, Interesting) 443

by Meatbucket (#39577603) Attached to: Chevy Volt To Resume Production One Week Early Following Record Sales
The volt and it's twin the Opel Ampera began sales in February and has become a big seller there, which is not surprising given how much denser and closer European cities are to each other (taking advantage of the volt's optimum range), not to mention the higher gas prices which make it more affordable.

Comment: Re:They have a point (Score 0) 533

by Meatbucket (#39576251) Attached to: Canadians Protest Wind Turbines
Looking at it is one thing, but when it starts casting strobing shadows on your house and the vibration noise of a 50,000-80,000 pound blade spinning at 150 mph start to echo through your head all day, you'll understand why it's a cause of concern to your health. Wind energy is great, as long as you don't have to live next to it! Just looking at the responses here really shows how much misinformation and misunderstanding there is about wind power.

Comment: Re:Pretty much all the problem with JS (Score 0) 355

by Meatbucket (#39210659) Attached to: Khan Academy Chooses JavaScript As Intro Language
The fact that it doesn't change much over the years ensures they won't have to re-write the online textbook any time soon then. I see this as a bonus Javascript as a programming language 1) it is the most accessible (no compiler or other software needed, just run it in a browser) 2) it is easy (no pointers or explicit variable types) 3) it is graphical (it's much more entertaining to show programming through visual output with graphics then with text) 4) it is practical (you can use it to write a website, it is a skill relevant to the workplace) 5) it is a language that will not be thrown away (it works with html5 which is the future standard for web apps) 5) it does not change much, teaching material will not have to be re-written every year I don't see why anyone would see a problem with teaching this to children, it's a great starter language

Comment: Re:No. (Score 0) 511

by Meatbucket (#35974656) Attached to: Is Canonical the Next Apple?
Next Apple? As in the one that got fame and money from making it's own computers, music players, tablets and phones? Oh Software and cloud services! The one that has has less than 5% in OS market share when it wasn't able to leverage it's other devices. That Apple! Hmmm, well you can sill only run Linux apps so the mainstream market and commercial developers will still shun it. So, yah I agree, No.

Comment: Re:Eduardo (Score 0, Troll) 106

by Meatbucket (#35788440) Attached to: Court Rejects Winklevoss Twins' Facebook Appeal
Yah he treated him badly, but Eduardo was a liability who's only good decision was to have Standford on the list for Facebook's initial launch. Eduardo also froze their bank account and jeopardized the whole operation. He had bad vision and was immature. He was marginalized for the greater good of Zukerberg's Facebook.

Comment: Re:Hacks (Score 0, Troll) 106

by Meatbucket (#35788414) Attached to: Court Rejects Winklevoss Twins' Facebook Appeal
Pfff, give me a break. That's like saying Microsoft would have invented the Macintosh had Steve Jobs not been around. The design of Facebook is what made it successful, social networking wasn't new at the time (myspace), Zukerberg had an elegant execution/design and his ambition was never to be local, unlike the Winklevoss twins.

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