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Comment: Re:I live in Seattle. (Score 4, Informative) 650

by MeanMF (#34149612) Attached to: Income Tax Quashed, Ballmer To Cash In Billions
Income: $30,000
Standard Deduction: -$5,700
Taxable Income: $24,300
Tax on first $8,375 @ 10%: $838
Tax on remaining $15,925 @ 15%: $2,389
Total Tax: $3,227

Did you look up what current tax rates are? That person would pay about 37% more in tax under your plan ($4,409 vs $3,227). They'd have to put nearly $5,000 per year into savings just to end up with the _same_ tax burden.

On the other hand, a person making $250,000 per year and spending $150,000 of it would end up paying less than half of what they do now ($65,736 vs $32,009). Even if they spend every penny, they'll still only pay $55,000 for a savings of over $10,000.

Comment: Re:How can it be cheaper? (Score 3, Informative) 111

by MeanMF (#33978038) Attached to: Cheap Software Tools Give New Life To Stop-Motion Animation
RTFA... "To simulate movement and expression, animators bend or twist their objects ever so slightly between shots, a painstaking process that makes it difficult to achieve consistency from frame to frame. But now, software can help remedy that, with programs that help check the alignment of the camera and the lighting of the scene while letting the animator flip between recent images to see if the items are moving realistically. That part of the process — synchronizing the shots — was what made it difficult for amateurs to make a good movie."

+ - Liberalism, atheism linked to IQ->

Submitted by Pharmboy
Pharmboy (216950) writes "CNN is reporting that "Evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa at the the London School of Economics and Political Science correlated data on these behaviors with IQ from a large national U.S. sample and found that, on average, people who identified as liberal and atheist had higher IQs. This applied also to sexual exclusivity in men, but not in women. The findings will be published in the March 2010 issue of Social Psychology Quarterly.""
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+ - How telescopes deal with earthquakes in Chile-> 1

Submitted by edgeofphysics
edgeofphysics (1711884) writes "Given that Chile is one of the most seismically active countries in the world, how do astronomers protect their giant telescopes that have been built or are being built in the Chilean Andes? This blog post discusses how Chile's most advanced facility — the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (VLT) — protects its precious 8.2-metre primary mirrors in the event of an earthquake."
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Comment: Re:How about non Floating Point performance ? (Score 1) 260

by Gori (#29881953) Attached to: Asus Releases Desktop-Sized Supercomputer

Thanks for the comment!

running a variety of fluid dynamics codes.

This is indeed the key. Our models are Java/semantic web type of things, with many, many threads and inter agent communication. almost no math. I guess in that case it would not make too much sense to move to these architectures.

Comment: So what you are saying is... (Score 1) 395

by RichiH (#29881875) Attached to: Microsoft Freeloading In Washington State Courts

What you are saying is that because the indirect effects that are caused by every other business on earth are caused by Microsoft as well, they should be exempt from playing by the same rules as the laundry shop next door? Interesting..

Of course, the implied threat that MS might leave the area in your post makes it OK to not play fair. The bullies are always right, after all.
"I did not punch you in the face and you still complain that I took your lunch money? Maybe I should mash you into pulp after $educational_institute is over." - The killer (literally ;) argument of modern business.

Money will say more in one moment than the most eloquent lover can in years.