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Comment Re:Folks I know on VA (Score 1) 279 279

Opposite experience for me, and I have experienced both systems. OHIP was/is WAY better than the American system. I had no trouble getting the care I needed and with real quality vs the American way where it is very expensive, the doctors don't care (seem to just want to shuffle you through the assembly line to get as many paying patients in for the least effort and time). No actual diagnosis, just passing the buck to other specialists to ensure they don't get sued, who then opt for super expensive diagnostic tests without actually doing simple cheap ones first (more money for the doctor).

I could say the grand parent poster is right on, and you are the one spreading FUD, but I can hold the thought that not everyone has the same experiences in something as big as the most populous province in Canada. Given the research and data to date however, I'd say my experience is a lot more common than yours.

Comment Re:NOW I'm moving to Canada (Score 4, Insightful) 103 103

This provision alone can make all the other customer benefits meaningless. All a "content provider" has to do is provide ANY means of locking, including something as simple as ROT13, and the customer/consumer cannot legally do anything with it this bill was supposed to allow like format shifting.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 2, Informative) 376 376

Just for reference, if you're going to be using the whole device as a PV, there's no real need to create a partition on it - and in some cases it can be detrimental (eg: if it's a RAID device you will probably introduce partition alignment problems that will impact performance).

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