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Comment Re:Open VPN or use SSH with the Linux Machine (Score 1) 173 173

OpenVPN. +1

Mac, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD...

Look at bridging using TAP. Works with same subnet. Set server to push IPs to the secondary network. Leave all other traffic to go out on the respective ISPs network. You can also setup remote TUN connect which will allow you to connect remotely on either side and see both. You can run as many instances and/or subnets as you wish as long as you map the routes.

Comment If you want me to see ads (Score 5, Insightful) 286 286

Serve them form your own domain. With your own cookies. Do not make them offensive in any way (Pop under, Popup, loud, require click through or interaction, ...) and most of all take responsibility when they contain malware and pay for the damage to my computer and my time.

I understand you need to make money that doesn't mean you have to treat me like dirt.

Comment I don't understand their concept of security (Score 1) 138 138

The W10 preview is all one big browser which connects to MS and requires an MS id to be of any use unless you download third party software. Mail needs an MS id. Calendar need an MS id and so on and so on. Their privacy policy basically states that you have none and they and their affiliates can do as they please. So why even bother pretending that the information is locked when it will already be stored on their servers and can be accessed without your knowledge.

On another note what good is biometrics if the device can be accessed physically? Is the data encrypted? Can I simply show a picture to the camera? Can my finger be held and swiped? I haven't seen a consumer grade biometrics solution that can't be tricked or worked around. At least with a PIN I enter it wrong three times and bye bye data.

Comment Re:Greek Myths (Score 1) 253 253

They are constantly running an operating deficit.

Ironically, Greece had a balanced budget in 2014. Germany did not. Yes, this is true.

One year in over 60?

Austerity is not the problem, it's a solution.

Austerity has resulted in the Greece GDP imploding. The amount of debt a country is allowed under EU rules is based on the GDP. Thanks to austerity, even with a balanced budget the debt ratio of Greece became worse, even as the actual debt itself was being paid back.

Austerity was caused by 60 years of borrowing money that was never ever intended of being repaid. The cause of the implosion to the GDP is the 60 years of borrowing. There would be no need for austerity if there was not prior, out of control, borrowing.

Did you Notice that Greece has not proposed one solution in which they pay back the debt?

Did you notice that the vast majority of the "debt relief" money that was given to Greece never actually arrived there? The whole thing has been another scam to bail out banks, and they took almost all the money that was allegedly "given" to Greece.

Everyone needs to pay their debt no matter who they are unless the debtor forgives. I don't know what your point to this last statement is. Why would the money go to Greece when it already went to Greece over the last 60 years. You want to eat your cake and have it too. Greece was forgiven 100 Billion. This money went to Greece. The rest went to pay the creditors. When I sell my house, the money that will be mine is what will be left after I pay off the bank. The bank didn't steal my money. I used theirs to purchase the house.

Comment Re:Greek Myths (Score 1) 253 253

If I get behind property taxes I have more to worry than about electricity. Not only will I loose my electricity but I will also loose my home. I will loose any other asset if my home does not have enough equity to cover the taxes and the loan and I will be forced into bankruptcy. I will be out on the street.

For 60 or more years Greeks have borrowed (plundered) Greece and now Greeks expect someone to come and give them more so they can continue. Stop looking at the last 4 years and look at the last 60. How many surpluses have have you had in the last 60? How many of the deficits exceeded the cost of living? Greeks have borrowed from their children and now the children are forced to pay. You can't fix 60 years of indulgence in 4 years it's going to take a generation before things start improving to the point where you can start building wealth. If it were not for austerity people would be starving to death and Greece would probably need the Red Cross and charity.

Wake up! Nobody can fix this problem but the Greeks. Stop blaming others. Last I heard Greece was a democracy. The Greeks need to start getting involved. Start fixing the corruption. Start paying taxes. Nobody needs to lend Greece money and the Greeks should be grateful that someone has enough to help them. The Greeks haven't yet realized what would happen if nobody lent them any more money. They still believe that they are entitled.

Comment Re:Greek Myths (Score 1) 253 253

Actually Greece is proposing to pay back all of their debt. What they are saying is that instead of crippling austerity that is ruining Greek people's lives they want to first fix their economy, recover and when times are good pay off the debt. It worked well in other countries, such as Britain after WW2. Rather than paying off debts to the US and banks the government rebuilt the country. Lots of jobs, lots of investment and stimulus. Then when things were booming again debt was paid off.

Austerity has already failed in Greece. Eventually it might pay off the debt but people still need to live in the mean time. Massive unemployment and people not being able to afford basics like food and electricity are not a solution.

It is very easy to talk but what is needed is action. The only plan of action that I heard which is to reign in Greece's spending in order for it to be able to come out of this is the European austerity package. The problem with the Greek economy is that the spending is beyond the income that Greece is capable of earning and most Greeks do not wish to contribute. I know first hand. Greece had since WWII to build wealth like Britain but in Greece it was not about building wealth but about greed. Many Greeks were forced out of Greece because of this greed and now are watching from the outside and can't believe the gaul that the Greeks in Greece have. Fix the greed. Fix the corruption. Roll up your sleeves and start working as a country and not as a few privileged individuals who are raping the rewards from the rest of the population.

Austerity hasn't failed it has awoken the Greeks to hopefully understand that an exit from Eurozone will result in a more drastic reduction in their earnings than the austerity measures currently imposed. The Greek problem is the Greeks themselves. Stop blaming others for your failings. Nobody has forced this path on you. This path was created by your actions and you should be thanking Europe that they are there to continue lending Greece money. If you can't see that, then you will never get out of this problem .

Comment Re:Greek Myths (Score 4, Insightful) 253 253

More like the capitalists don't dare let them succeed. It would show the world that there was another way, and demands to go that way would escalate in other states.

I will assume that you are not a troll. The fault lies within the Greeks themselves. You cannot forever consume more than you produce. No matter who you are. Capitalist or socialist. Greece has borrowed to support their lifestyle since WWII, if not before. They are constantly running an operating deficit. Nobody wants to lend Greece money because Greece does not want to change their ways. They want to consume more than they produce. The Greeks would't lend themselves the money!

Austerity is not the problem, it's a solution. Did you Notice that Greece has not proposed one solution in which they pay back the debt? They only demand they are bringing to the table is that they can't be asked to reduce their spending. It's humiliating.

Now some will come forward and say that a recession is not the time to reduce spending. This is right when you are not always running a deficit and when the burden of your debt is manageable. Greece was forgiven 100 billion euros already. If the Greeks don't want the austerity measures let them propose a solution to the repayment of all the loans including the 100 billion which was forgiven on the condition of austerity.

I am more of a socialist than a capitalist. I honestly believe that the state needs to help even the field in order to produce more than is consumed which translates to building wealth. Yeah I agree with you the boogieman did it. It's just that the boogieman in this case it's the Greeks who think that they are entitled to live beyond their means.

Comment Re:um, OK (Score 1) 690 690

agree with him or not, he has a nobel prize in macro economics and you don't. across the board austerity is the worst possible thing you can do to get out of a recession.

The problem with Greece is not about a recession it's about too much debt. Who cares about the Nobel prize, they gave the Nobel "Peace" price to a president who was at war.

Comment Re:why does everyone always want to give... (Score 1) 690 690

The answer is the MGI (Minimum Guaranteed Income) which we used to call a COLA, or Cost Of Living Allowance. But I guess calling it an allowance is insulting. You take a flat percentage from everyone and then give an equal amount to everyone every year, either just from income or from their total cash pool — the latter of which sounds drastic, but which encourages investment, which in turn is what actually makes the economy go around.

Another part of the answer, though, is not permitting the banks to do what they're doing right now with housing: refusing to sell it at market price. We have multiple homes for every homeless person in this country, let alone family, and houses are just rotting all over the nation while people are living in trailers in their neighbors' back yards. Houses actually depreciate faster when they're not being lived in even if nobody is breaking into them and stealing all the fixtures as is wont to happen, because humans tend to institute some stability of temperatures — to say nothing of maintaining the property, fixing leaks and that sort of thing. So they're actually destroying the available housing in the country for the sake of... what? Nobody knows.

I like your idea but your math doesn't add up. You want a Guaranteed minimum but you will collect a fixed amount. What happens to the difference? What happens when there are more people collecting than there are people working (suppling)? If there is no reward(wages) for work why even bother working. Until we find a way to produce all the needs of society with volunteers then we would have more and more "poor" (Guaranteed Minimum earners) until the system would fail.

I believe the problem of the poor is in our governments, meaning we the people. Just look at the US constitution. It's become a useless piece of paper because it's citizens treat it like toilet paper. They display it for all the world to see but the flush it as soon they are told to. The US now has Kangaroo courts, secret lists, confiscation of property without a hearing, personal searches without cause and more. The land of the free where your house can be seized for profit. The right to profit exceeds the right to life and that is just plain wrong. Corporations are not citizens. The board of directors and/or the officers of a company should be imprisoned when they break the law and not forgiven and rewarded because they are too big to fail. There is no easy solution but it would start by the constitution becoming more than a piece of paper.

Comment Re:um, OK (Score 4, Insightful) 690 690

Then why didn't it work the last 60 years? Money is debt, and throwing more debt into the old equation will result in bankruptcy.

The UK used the debt to rebuild the wealth that was destroyed during the war. Greece spent the money in entitlement. Unfortunately the next generation will have to pay. Listen to the solutions offered by the new Greek PM it basically reinstate the old but this time they promise they will not steal. Fingers crossed.

Austerity is imposing honesty into the equation and it will take another 10-20 years to fix properly. Greeks need to pay taxes for the services their government offers. They need to work to create wealth and not just a night out on the town. Greece was the grasshopper and now they need to become more like the ant because winter has come. If Europe was not part of this equation, austerity, the earnings of the Greeks would have disappeared as their currency would have no value.

I agree somewhat to your statement "Austerity economics is madness" and that is when the society generates more wealth than they produce otherwise they are leaving their bills and their debt for their children to pay. History has also told us that trying to maintain an unbalanced situation will only result is a larger disaster later on as was seen in the great depression. We need to put aside some wealth so we can avoid austerity when times are tough.

Comment Re:"The Next Challenge..." (Score 1) 296 296

I completely agree with your comments and also like to point out that FF is no longer the users browser. I have no idea where they are going. Forcing Yahoo onto users. If I wanted Yahoo as a search engine I would have selected Yahoo. Unable to save exceptions to self signed certificates. I only noticed when I had to reinstall due to a faulty disk. Please do not try to argue security on this.

Comment What a piece of doodoo (Score 1) 458 458

My heading reads like the article. When looking back it's amazing what we can prove. Apple almost disappeared because of that mentality. Apple was the biggest PC maker when they lost the market. Apple was the biggest smartphone maker when it lost the market. The reason they were successful, as well as reason for their downfall is the same. Give the user what they want.

When Apple was leading in PC sales they produced an economical system which allowed the user to own a computer. IBM took that away because they continued on Apples lead and allowed the user to modify the system. With thousands (if not more) people scratching itches Apple could't compete. On one side you had IBM that was less restrictive stole the market and on the other you had Apple who was not permissive in modifications. Again we see the same with iOS and Android. If MS wants to take the phone market all it has to do is open Windows phone and remove all the restrictions, or at the least be less restrictive than Google. If MS would allow any app store it would take the lead. Or even less restrictive allow people to use and modify it as they see fit.

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