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Comment Re:One no sim?? (Score 1) 251

I wish I could up-mod but this is very important.

If both phones are using different parts of the hardware, for instance if the Samsung is connected to an 802.11 ac network while the TSMC is only connected to LTE, then the Samsung might be using more power.

The phones should be compared in Airplane mode.

Comment Re: UUID can be generated (Score 1) 79

Having a UUID on a per Application or Developer basis is in fact better for the attacker. Then they can carefully create a phishing dialog that fits in with the design or behavior of that particular App or package and then associate any information garnered from the user to the particular device and app installation.

Without the altered library inside the actual app, they cannot do this because apps are jailed (or whatever Apple calls it).

Comment UUID can be generated (Score 0) 79

The use of [[UIDevice currentDevice] name] and [[UIDevice currentDevice] identifierForVendor] (as well as several other pieces of information including App Name, App Version, OS Version, Language, Device Type, Location, etc.) are enough to not only create a generated Unique ID for each device to track on the analytic side but also all of the Apps infected by the malicious code.

The people tracking the smartphones do not need the actual local device UUID if they can get enough information to generate their own.

I agree with other's calls to mod parent down. Does not seem to understand the fact the list of information being digested by the hack and the access being granted is enough to be used for malicious tracking and phishing.

Comment Re:Physics? (Score 1) 179

Phase change is my guess.

Some of the first Memristor are based on phase changing of a material that causes the resistance to adjust with the data.

Samsung produced a test cell back in 2006 that showed promise, maybe the medium is finally reaching reliable yield and capacity density to compete with NAND and NOR.

Comment Re:It's discomfort at working alongside older peop (Score 1) 634

Highlight name in the story, right click, Search for "%name%", read down results page, find Amazon review, read review. Took probably 3 minutes.

I do this for almost everyone in the news I have never heard of before, even other websites, no matter the context.

And trust me, almost every person who hires people will do a web search for the person's name these days as well.

Don't like that people will judge you for what you post publicly? Then don't post your opinion publicly (using your real name).

Comment Re:This shoudn't even really be a debate (Score 3, Interesting) 174

I never really took the situation that serious either after looking at the long term data for hives. The right time to freak out was in the 90s with the big drop, not recently.

When the "crisis" first hit the news and kept being repeated, I suggested the issue might be Ultraviolet Irradiance. Bees see in the UV range and the sun's UV levels vary fairly drastically over the sun cycle.

The 90s was an low UV irradiance period. Compare this to the world-wide hive population graphs.

I wish I could find another UV irradiance data source besides UARS. Data seems to end in 2005.

Comment Re:It's discomfort at working alongside older peop (Score 1) 634

My bet, the twentysomethings Googled her, found her Amazon reviews and noticed how she seems to be a bitter, unforgiving person and figured the brain wasn't worth the drama.

People need to be careful about what you share publicly.

Someone at Chicago might disagree, but his opinion is irrelevant.

Comment They are not alone (Score 3) 288

Hell, I'm not even 40 yet and I would like to see some of the websites I regularly use to stop changing UIs for the sake of change.

Progress I will accept it, but if I need to spend the better part of a morning trying to figure out how to do something that only took 3 clicks before the update, that's not progress in my book.

Comment Re:It's like Venezuela but without all the gun cri (Score 4, Informative) 431

Norway has massive natural resource exports accounting for nearly 33% of GPD, imports half of what it exports and only 3 million people in the labor force. Sweden's GPD is also nearly 33% exports, slight trade imbalance in favor of exports and 5 million people in the labor force.

Greece has 12% GPD from exports, imports twice as much as it exports and has only 5 million in the workforce.

For perspective, the USA makes only 9% of GPD from exports (that includes the recent massive increase in gas and oil exports), imports 50% more than it exports and has 156 million people in the workforce.

Norway and Sweden's success has nothing to do with political models and entirely to do with geography. If the Aegean had oil fields, Greece would be a socialist paradise too.

Comment Re:Sounds Like A Scumbag Company (Score 1) 190

Thanks for the link. Read the guy's blog, he doesn't know how to clone a hard drive and blames "Windows", he pats himself on the back for using Outlook to transfer emails between Exchange servers (instead of free ExMerge) and spews crazy Apple rumors.

If I was on the jury, I'd side with the plaintiff.