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Comment: They are not alone (Score 3) 179 179

Hell, I'm not even 40 yet and I would like to see some of the websites I regularly use to stop changing UIs for the sake of change.

Progress I will accept it, but if I need to spend the better part of a morning trying to figure out how to do something that only took 3 clicks before the update, that's not progress in my book.

Comment: Re:It's like Venezuela but without all the gun cri (Score 4, Informative) 353 353

Norway has massive natural resource exports accounting for nearly 33% of GPD, imports half of what it exports and only 3 million people in the labor force. Sweden's GPD is also nearly 33% exports, slight trade imbalance in favor of exports and 5 million people in the labor force.

Greece has 12% GPD from exports, imports twice as much as it exports and has only 5 million in the workforce.

For perspective, the USA makes only 9% of GPD from exports (that includes the recent massive increase in gas and oil exports), imports 50% more than it exports and has 156 million people in the workforce.

Norway and Sweden's success has nothing to do with political models and entirely to do with geography. If the Aegean had oil fields, Greece would be a socialist paradise too.

Comment: Re:Sounds Like A Scumbag Company (Score 1) 190 190

Thanks for the link. Read the guy's blog, he doesn't know how to clone a hard drive and blames "Windows", he pats himself on the back for using Outlook to transfer emails between Exchange servers (instead of free ExMerge) and spews crazy Apple rumors.

If I was on the jury, I'd side with the plaintiff.

Comment: Re:The loans are not the only university scandal (Score 1) 1032 1032

This has been an issue for thousands of years, even remarked on back in ancient Chinese, Greek and Roman times (hell, even Babylonian I believe).

Everyone's brains are tuned in different ways. Some people's brains are tuned to memorize and regurgitate, whereas others are more geared to problem solving but terrible at memorizing. The former seem to do great in most schools because the average educational testing process relies more on memorization, while the later often do very poorly in school but have plenty of imagination or drive to build careers.

While these are two over-generalized extremes, there are a multitude of elements inside each person's brain, personality, etc., that affects not only their ability to learn but what concepts they can learn. Education (and indeed career paths) should be geared towards these elements, otherwise a particular type gets too much attention and entire society loses out on an important resource not being supported properly.

Comment: Music Industry Exists because of Technology (Score 1) 158 158

The current model for the music industry based on recorded media exists literally because of technology. Before recorded music, music artists did not make much money at all without a wealthy patron and today they make massive amounts of money (literally becoming wealthy patrons).

The industry itself needs to realize that the era of printed media recordings (LPs, tape, CDs) is over and those record profits will never happen again. The era of digital purchases was also brief and now we're moving into the era of streaming music.

Each time, consumers have followed the trend into the method that gives them the most for their money and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The industry as a whole needs to adapt, again, and stop bitching about the fact consumers don't want to pay tons of money for music.

Comment: Re:dreams over, the manifesto is dead. (Score 1) 371 371

Two sides to the coin, the majority of the Internet exists because there is money to be made from the content being shared.

If a particular type of content cannot be monetized, then it will not exist on the Internet because the Internet is not "free" as in costs $0.

Sometimes I think people equate freedom with the ability to take from others as much as they want and not the true meaning that you have all options available to you and offered equally to all.

Comment: Re:I'm shocked ... (Score 1) 249 249

One must also consider that in some communities witnesses will often intentionally lie or make conflicted statements against the police as well. So, the body cameras would protect both sides from false allegations.

From a privacy standpoint, though, we must also consider adjusting the law so that recordings of unrelated crimes cannot be prosecuted outside of a certain time frame or context. Otherwise, you will have police departments scanning footage, either by eye or software, looking for misdemeanors and using it as a way to generate fines.

Comment: Re:MS is a "distant" #2? (Score 2) 83 83

Microsoft, though, also includes revenue from different online applications into that figure. Its revenue from a cloud business called Azure, which is more directly comparable to Amazon’s cloud services, was recently estimated by Deutsche Bank to be as little as one-tenth of that from AWS.



Microsoft's numbers include Office 365 and other service revenue, not just straight Azure services. Where are you getting the $1.57 billion number for Google?

Comment: Re:Personal Anecdote (Score 1) 83 83

Anon stated: "I eventually gave up and started a new AWS account which is now billing me $30/month for a Windows Server 2008 "Workspaces" instance I NEVER use." I assumed he setup the Workspace since he said he never used it, instead of saying he never set one up.

In my four years of using AWS, attending Amazon events, webinars and participating in cloud computing forums, I have never seen a billing issue that was not caused by the user or a user sharing the account.

The only billing issue I have ever seen Amazon cause was two years ago when their billing process sometimes skipped a day and so the second day included the previous day's usage. That ruffled a few feathers and was attributed to a maintenance window being mis-scheduled on their end or something.

I am, however, incredibly pissed at them for losing my email addresses in one of their big data breaches. I get tons of spam now on several of the AWS account email addresses starting literally the week after the breach.

Comment: Re:Personal Anecdote (Score 3, Insightful) 83 83

OpenMPI is a messaging system designed for massive cluster supercomputers on private high-speed networks, why would you think running a test would be cheap using cloud resources which already have a significant premium?

And it sounds like you need to spend some time looking through the AWS console. If something shows up on your bill in AWS, it is running somewhere and you most certainly set it up. The entire process is completely automated so the only human error is your own.

I help run six AWS accounts, ranging in monthly expenses of $400 to over $12,000, and never had a billing issue. In fact, on that bigger account we were leery of the costs as well so we setup an auditing system to keep an eye on transfer costs and S3 usage on the servers themselves. The numbers our auditing system provided matched what Amazon was telling us down to the tenth of a cent. Many transactions differ by a tenth of a cent because I imagine our auditing system was tracking at a faster pace and Amazon rounded up somewhere in the difference.

We do not use their Workspaces service but I am pretty sure the moment you create a Workspace, there is a box sitting there running for you at all times so it doesn't matter if you use it or not. The service is meant for people who work remotely constantly. If you want to be billed only when you are using a box, you can setup an EC2 instance and only turn it on when you need to use it.

I think there are even apps for desktop or smartphones that can do that for you (turn the EC2 instance on when you want to connect).

Comment: Re:Big brave man picking on the weak (Score 0, Flamebait) 256 256

The majority of the pan handlers aren't even homeless, they're just lazy, incompetent con-artists.

And for that reason I relate more to the Marine and Runaway's sentiments, because there are tons of people working and resources going to helping veterans. So much so, there is literally no reason for a veteran to be pan handling or homeless.

If this Marine did find out the pan handler was a real Marine, I guarantee you he would have got the guy in touch with agencies to help them.

Because that's what it means to be a part of a fraternity like that. If enough care, stuff gets done and people get helped.

Cancer survivors shouldn't let someone abuse their accomplishments either. Shaming this woman and showing others is the best way to make sure other people don't try the same thing to get ahead.

Comment: Re:Interstate Water Sharing system (Score 1) 678 678

No, using the Great Lakes was not suggested. More like setting up reservoirs along Mississippi tributary flood plains, giving the river breathing room for flooding and holding onto the fresh water to be used on land instead of letting it slip into the sea. The water would not be cheap, so I do not see this as enabling bad behavior at all and by no means will the water from the Midwest made it across the Rocky's to California. I suspect most of the water would go to Prairie states and Texas (or hell, help the Great Lakes eventually too).

But I take real offense to the protectionist tone that you and others responding to me have taken on. Should Pennsylvania start deciding on the temperature in people's homes in Michigan because they supply the natural gas? Should Texas tell Iowa they can't use their fertilizer or gas products without their approval? That's not how things should work nor how they do work. We all chip in to supply need and protect a common living standard. To force others into squalor because you don't want to sell them your resource (at fair cost), is not just immoral but unethical as well.

Honestly, this is suppose to be a UNITED STATES. You already take advantage of a massive amount of resources and labor from other states to survive (this goes for any state), why the hell do you think you can take such a position is beyond me.

All you selfish twits need to pull your heads out of your asses and look at the life you live. You are not independent, you need the rest of us and some of those people need the water to give you what you want.

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