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+ - Bitcoin Value Passes $400 Ahead of Virtual Currency Hearing at US Senate->

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An anonymous reader writes "The value of bitcoin has surged through the $400 barrier for the first time, as unprecedented growth sees the virtual currency's value quadruple in just three months.

Meanwhile, on 18 November, a Senate subcommittee is scheduled to hold a hearing on virtual currencies like bitcoin and its lesser-known competitors litecoin and altcoin. The hearing comes after a unit of the Treasury Department earlier this year issued guidelines stating virtual currencies should be subject to the same anti-money-laundering laws as traditional currency-transfer businesses like Western Union."

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Comment: Re:A robot with a human-like face is a lie (Score 1) 216

by MatthewCCNA (#43091167) Attached to: When Will We Trust Robots?
If there was an affordable robot that could clean and dust my house; I would buy it. If it could do my laundry including ironing and folding then wash, dry, and put away my dishes I'd pay even more. If it then could also feed my cat and clean her litter, that would be the single most useful thing I own. If it could cook my meals, wash my car and take out my garbage I would lose that ability to live with out it. if it could drive me to work then do the shopping and fill my gas tank then drive back to my house and put the groceries away then return for me at the end of my day I might never drive to work again. If it could do all of those think I wouldn't care if it looked like Rosie from the Jet-sons, a Terminator T-800, or a Mr. Handy from Fallout.

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