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Comment: Re:examples don't work (Score 1) 110

by Matthew Fabb (#36961358) Attached to: Adobe's New HTML5 Design Tool No Threat To Flash
Adobe Edge right now is mainly used to make animations, while DreamWeaver is their tool for web page design. With HTML5, unless using CSS3 transitions, Javascript is generally required for animations. Adobe is using jQuery to animate the content, so if JavaScript is turned off you won't see anything.

Comment: Re:Very telling post (Score 1) 166

by Matthew Fabb (#31816572) Attached to: Adobe Flash CS5 Exports Animations To HTML5 Canvas
Only the video is from October from Adobe's conference MAX09. It has nothing to do with Apple's recent decision. However, for some reason few tech blogs were covering this news back in October, as all the attention was on the Flash iPhone exporter that Adobe had just announced. Now that the Flash to iPhone exporter has been banned by Apple, many people have been asking why Adobe hasn't been working on HTML5 tools. Only to realize Adobe has been working on supporting HTML5 and this half a year old video suddenly becomes popular.

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