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Comment Hold on, let me stop you right there (Score 1) 479

"We are entering an age when kids have grown up with technology, and don't make half the dumb mistakes their elders did."

We really aren't, though.

I work support for an MSP, and plenty of our clients have plenty of people my age (mid-30s) and younger who do just as many dumb things as their middle-aged supervisors. They're just as bad at explaining what their problem is, just as bad at following directions, and just as bad at not doing the thing again. They're definitely not any better at not falling for obvious scams, and get really pissy when they realize that. They're definitely no more skilled at putting the square connector in the square hole, and the green plug in the green socket. They certainly aren't willing to try and figure something out on their own, or take the initiative to 'try turning it off and then on again' before calling in, just in the off chance that fixes it.

Sadly, the notion that in 30 years when all the so-called 'dumb old people' die off we're going to be a world of enlightened computer geniuses is a fantasy, if my experience in support is any indication. I don't think even those users' younger siblings, who grew up on 'apps' and smartphones and tablets rather than proper computers, are going to be any better as a group when they hit the workforce.

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