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Comment Hold on, let me stop you right there (Score 1) 479 479

"We are entering an age when kids have grown up with technology, and don't make half the dumb mistakes their elders did."

We really aren't, though.

I work support for an MSP, and plenty of our clients have plenty of people my age (mid-30s) and younger who do just as many dumb things as their middle-aged supervisors. They're just as bad at explaining what their problem is, just as bad at following directions, and just as bad at not doing the thing again. They're definitely not any better at not falling for obvious scams, and get really pissy when they realize that. They're definitely no more skilled at putting the square connector in the square hole, and the green plug in the green socket. They certainly aren't willing to try and figure something out on their own, or take the initiative to 'try turning it off and then on again' before calling in, just in the off chance that fixes it.

Sadly, the notion that in 30 years when all the so-called 'dumb old people' die off we're going to be a world of enlightened computer geniuses is a fantasy, if my experience in support is any indication. I don't think even those users' younger siblings, who grew up on 'apps' and smartphones and tablets rather than proper computers, are going to be any better as a group when they hit the workforce.

Comment Oh yeah, this'll get picked up (Score 2) 172 172

'Reducing waste', from the point of view is actually 'reducing sales'. Product that is 'wasted' is merely product bought and never used. Reducing this 'waste' will reduce their sales volume.

I'm sure they're all eager to jump on something that will reduce sales, no matter how much consumers would like it.

Comment Re:In defense of Patent Trolls (Score 3, Insightful) 75 75

Their patents aren't 'patent for intermittent windshield wipers' complete with schematics. Their patents are for 'device, method, or process to remove liquids from a surface which may or may not need to be glass in a manner TBD'.

Comment Re:Power outages... and semantics (Score 1) 60 60

I'm thinking about it like 'cockroaches surviving a nuclear blast'. Sure the power for the area is out in general, but maybe your thing on a battery is talking to a neighbor's fridge on a generator, is talking to...and enough things happen to have power and happen to be able to communicate that a useful network is formed.

Comment Re:market at work (Score 2) 325 325

Man, what's it like to be dead inside? To exist in a world with no art, no music, no literature.

Humanities grads are useful to people who have lives that extend beyond, and desire enrichment beyond....shot in the dark here...their full-stack or at least web developer job that following a stint in tech support? You mentioned tech support, and I work tech support, and use it all the time as an analogy to illustrate things I don't like, either. Plus, the usual trope is 'flipping burgers at McDonalds' for disparaging humanities grads, so that's where I"m getting the tech support stint from.

I think it's a thing we do, tech-support people. Don't think I didn't note and appreciate the jab at theology, either. "Shots fired" and that.

No, I don't have a humanities degree that landed me here.

Comment Re:OH NO, THE NAKED HAND (Score 1) 64 64

The NY law is bare-handed contact with ready to eat food, if that makes it more or less ridiculous. Anything that's getting cooked is ok to touch. I think the point is it minimizes the risk of people NOT washing their hands regularly. You're right though, letting people call in would help a great deal.

Food safety rules are nuts. I had to do ServSafe certification, and if you did everything you were supposed to be doing all the time, you'd never actually make any food, because you'd be too busy measuring and recording to get anything done, assuming you're not duly paralyzed by fear about ciguatera or getting botulism from improperly held baked potatoes like they want you to be.

Comment Re:I wonder if "Big Wind" would work on wildfires (Score 1) 80 80

I feel like that worked because the source of the fire is more or less a point (the wellhead) so you could point it at the fire *right there* and put it out. A wildfire spread over acres? No one real spot to point at, and when you move to blow out another spot, the fire has spread back to the spot you just extinguished. Why I'm skeptical of this explosives thing, unless they're talking about something that covers a very large area like a fuel air explosive somebody mentioned further up.

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