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Comment: Re:Power outages... and semantics (Score 1) 60

by MattGWU (#47525247) Attached to: How the Internet of Things Could Aid Disaster Response

I'm thinking about it like 'cockroaches surviving a nuclear blast'. Sure the power for the area is out in general, but maybe your thing on a battery is talking to a neighbor's fridge on a generator, is talking to...and enough things happen to have power and happen to be able to communicate that a useful network is formed.

Comment: Re:market at work (Score 2) 325

by MattGWU (#47181977) Attached to: Fixing the Humanities Ph.D.

Man, what's it like to be dead inside? To exist in a world with no art, no music, no literature.

Humanities grads are useful to people who have lives that extend beyond, and desire enrichment beyond....shot in the dark here...their full-stack or at least web developer job that following a stint in tech support? You mentioned tech support, and I work tech support, and use it all the time as an analogy to illustrate things I don't like, either. Plus, the usual trope is 'flipping burgers at McDonalds' for disparaging humanities grads, so that's where I"m getting the tech support stint from.

I think it's a thing we do, tech-support people. Don't think I didn't note and appreciate the jab at theology, either. "Shots fired" and that.

No, I don't have a humanities degree that landed me here.

Comment: Re:OH NO, THE NAKED HAND (Score 1) 64

The NY law is bare-handed contact with ready to eat food, if that makes it more or less ridiculous. Anything that's getting cooked is ok to touch. I think the point is it minimizes the risk of people NOT washing their hands regularly. You're right though, letting people call in would help a great deal.

Food safety rules are nuts. I had to do ServSafe certification, and if you did everything you were supposed to be doing all the time, you'd never actually make any food, because you'd be too busy measuring and recording to get anything done, assuming you're not duly paralyzed by fear about ciguatera or getting botulism from improperly held baked potatoes like they want you to be.

Comment: Re:I wonder if "Big Wind" would work on wildfires (Score 1) 80

by MattGWU (#47060579) Attached to: Researchers Experiment With Explosives To Fight Wildfires

I feel like that worked because the source of the fire is more or less a point (the wellhead) so you could point it at the fire *right there* and put it out. A wildfire spread over acres? No one real spot to point at, and when you move to blow out another spot, the fire has spread back to the spot you just extinguished. Why I'm skeptical of this explosives thing, unless they're talking about something that covers a very large area like a fuel air explosive somebody mentioned further up.

Comment: Re:Clone your current main drive... (Score 1) 353

by MattGWU (#46654075) Attached to: An SSD for Your Current Computer May Save the Cost of a New One (Video)

Depending on what you use to do the clone it'll do it as long as the used space (rather than the drive size) will fit on the SSD. I did it to my laptop, going from a 750 GB HDD to a 120 GB SSD. Need to tell it to go proportional on the partition sizes, or some cloning software has an SSD migration tool.

Comment: Re:That *is* funny! (Score 5, Insightful) 314

I thought it was pretty funny as an absurdist thing. "Yes, our car caught fire after crashing through a wall at 110 MPH, an unfortunate weakness in our battery-powered vehicle which any other car would have obviously brushed aside - the driver was fine, by the way." / "Yes, our cars catch fire after merely crashing through a wall, another wall, and a tree, after which the driver walked away...we suck :( "

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 172

by MattGWU (#46290135) Attached to: Google Fiber Pondering 9 New Metro Areas

Wouldn't this just open the newly-managed Comcast up to the shareholder action for not maximizing the value of their investment? I'm sure they'd have little trouble proving in court that the monopoly status they've enjoyed for so many years is critical to their shareholder value, and you'd have taken pretty obvious, deliberate steps to erode that market advantage and therefore that value. For the good of everybody else, sure, but the remaining 49% of shareholders will probably be pissed.

"An entire fraternity of strapping Wall-Street-bound youth. Hell - this is going to be a blood bath!" -- Post Bros. Comics