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Comment: something big is going down (Score 3, Interesting) 94

by MattDaye (#39677261) Attached to: Valve Hiring Hardware Developers
"Either way, something big is going down at Valve." and survey says its still most likely not Half Life Episode 3 or Half Life 3. thanks gaben, making sure to give gamers what we really want. a far off possibility of another console full of 90% shovelware to get a few good games a year that are cross platform releases anyways. maybe you'll make a new half life then.

Comment: Re:not the answer but the problem is still there (Score 1) 543

by MattDaye (#38838509) Attached to: Xbox 720 Might Reject Used Games
Its true that currently the 'used game' affect is probably very predictable. However for non triple-A developers I'm going to imagine between pirating and used-games there is an increasing amount of loss built in as an overhead for creating and selling a game. I am not advocating any crazy drastic measures, just saying that it is an issue that developers are trying to deal. And at the same time companies like Gamestop are profiting off of because they get to keep all the profits of the Selling-Buying-Reselling of used games and it creates a ring of money completly cutoff from the developers. That said many games are waaay too expensive new on release. But maybe if they didnt need to recoup these losses the original price wouldnt need to be so steep.

Comment: not the answer but the problem is still there (Score 2) 543

by MattDaye (#38831779) Attached to: Xbox 720 Might Reject Used Games
when at least half of your target audience will wait a few weeks/months to buy your game used from a store like Gamestop ruining your companies projected sales/income and it makes it difficult for you to get funding for games, its a problem. why bother making anything other than a game hoping to cash in on the COD market for sure income, then to make a niche new original game that wont have as many sales and more than half are still lost to store resellers. that said, when games have no replay value and after your 10-20 hours of gameplay its just a 50-70 dollar paper weight on your shelf you wonder why you bothered to buy it.

Comment: Old Segways dont let you sit! (Score 1) 210

by MattDaye (#38817765) Attached to: The Chevy Segway Keeps On Rolling (Video)
Bicyles and walking through city centers are a thing of the past! Now you can sit everywhere! You can sit at home, you can sit on the commute in to work, you can sit the few blocks you would usually walk from your parking lot to your office or between the office and the local coffee shop, then continue to sit all day in the office! Soon shops will have drive throughs for your ENV and your office building will have special doors and hallways andeven big elevators to allow you to drive right to your cubicle in the office! Viva La Revolution! Sitting is the future!

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.