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Comment: I'm the author of that blog post (Score 1) 270

by MattCutts (#34967838) Attached to: Google Fires Back About Search Engine Spam
Hey everybody, the intent of the blog post wasn't to say "everything is hunky dory." Spam on Google is up compared to a few months ago, which is why I said there had been an uptick in spam. Our overall relevancy is better than in the past, but not the part of relevancy related to spam. The rest of the post was trying to say that we hear the complaints and we're working on improvements. The revamp to our doc-level classifier launched in the last few weeks, and a change related to scraped content was approved this week and will launch soon. We're testing other ideas to improve things too.

Comment: Re:Ah, great... (Score 1) 270

by MattCutts (#34967734) Attached to: Google Fires Back About Search Engine Spam
Actually, if you're talking about cexx.org, we detected that your main root page was hacked. Because of the hacked content, we removed the site from our index and tried to contact you at abuse at cexx.org. Here, check out this archive.org link and view the source yourself: http://web.archive.org/web/20091027195941/www.cexx.org/main.htm

Comment: Re:I call no-way (Score 1) 270

by MattCutts (#34966936) Attached to: Google Fires Back About Search Engine Spam
What do you want when you do the search [advanced]? There's a conference called AdvancED that we show at #1. I see our advanced search help pages at #2, Advanced search from AltaVista at #3, SMX Advanced (a conference I've spoken at before) at #4, and Advanced Auto Parts at #5. That's a pretty darn good set of search results for an ambiguous query like [advanced].

+ - SPAM: Add 42 More Search Engines To Google

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MattCutts writes: "Back in 2000 or so, searching on Google also gave you links to other search engines at the bottom of the search results. Over time, many of those search engines disappeared and eventually the feature was turned off. Recently, a Google engineer wrote Retro Links, an unofficial Greasemonkey script that brings back that functionality. The new feature is even better because you can customize which sites to search from 42 different choices."
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