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OS X is an evolution of NEXTSTEP, which was started in the late 80s. They saw that OS 9 was a dead end and Apple needed something "new" and "modern", so they went with NEXT (and for a good while there was this set of compatibility APIs called carbon, PROBABLY had a lot of mac classic code). You can still see a lot of similarities between Xcode today and what they were using on NEXT in the early 90s.
new code, old code, it makes no difference. It ALL has flaws.

Data Storage

Submission + - Hard Drives Should Meet Rated Capacity ( 1

Maniac-X writes: "A recent petition directed toward hard drive manufacturers telling them that consumers want more accurate drive capacity ratings.

Rate capacity in binary, instead of decimal. We want to take a hard drive home and format it to rated capacity. We're all tired of taking home a rated 320GB drive, and having it format to 298GB. This margin of error is simply unacceptable.

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