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Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 1) 571

Good candidates for Darwin awards.

I've been tired and left the brain power to my Google Maps App plenty of times and yes occasionally it leads me a bit wrong BUT I already looked at the map for a second and had a general idea of where it was taking me. If you're headed on an hour long trip and you're not double checking your GPS hours or days later sorry bud... that's on you. People will blame technology for all sorts of idiocy... nothing new here... move along.

Comment Re:Elementary school (Score 1) 320

yeah... I was in 5th grade and the whole school was watching but not together (like we were in a common area with a mobile tv cart... others were in class rooms, etc).

The jokes came almost immediately:

Q: What does NASA stand for?
A: Need Another Seven Astronauts

Q: Did you know Christa McAuliffe had blue eyes?
A: One blew this way, one blew that way.

Ah memories... that same year one of my best friends died of Meningitis leading to the whole district being vaccinated. WAY more personal impact and the only jokes were when one phase of the treatment began and the entire district stained our urinals orange from what it did to our pee. Beyond that less humor when the personal impact was so direct.

Comment Good find, Poor Understanding (Score 1) 237

There are a couple outcomes of this that I don't think they quite understand correctly:

1) I'm not sure whether we're really using a different part of our brain here but just having to dig deeper into the problem. The more time you have to spend figuring out how the code works to then find how it is not working the more you will understand that code. That's not a leap of imagination there it's straight cause and effect. As it is this inherently works its way into a new developer's role in a new company. Your first tasks will generally be fixing or augmenting other people's code not writing your own from scratch. You will therefore need to spend that time learning the existing code to then fix it hopefully gaining deeper understanding along the way.

2) Tooling and Frameworks are their own separate case. Disclaimer: It is a good thing that modern developers should not have to reinvent the wheel on every task. That being said: The developers using these previously invented wheels no longer are exposed to the inner bits required to make that thing roll and so will inherently have a shallower understanding of how it works and therefore will not understand what's going on when it does quite work the way they want it to. If the Frameworks / Tooling worked exactly as spec'd with no fuzziness this would not be *that terrible but that's not the world we live in. Because of this newer devs are less equipped to diagnose an issue when their Frameworks and Tools are letting them down or not quite getting the job done.

Comment Re:Coursera (Score 3, Informative) 123

...or he's just bored with the various employment he's had over the years and looking to something that superficially interests him. Machine Learning from the outside seems like a fun field to get into (whether it is or is not on the practical side) so that's where he wants to turn his attention.

I'm sorry but a lot of your generalizations only apply to someone living in a certain box of life. 15 years of experience "approaching paying off your mortgage"... are you kidding me? Sure for some people but that's certainly not the average. Even with more people getting 15 year mortgages 15 years out of school doesn't necessarily put you into the position to be at the end of that and those first few years you weren't necessarily making that kind of cash anyway. Add in things like Student loan payments, car payments, family, eating and well maybe even living your life outside of the office and being at the end of your mortgage term is SO not to be expected at this point.

Failed engineer? Maybe but certainly not clearly from his description. The only dig I would say is with a MS in CS and 15 years in the field I would think he would have figured out how to explore new technologies by now without asking /. As for not being able to quit his day job: I like to tell my friends I live paycheck to paycheck on *really large paychecks. That's my choice. I like to live every minute of my life outside of work to the fullest and that costs money ergo I'm not banking it away. I've managed to survive a couple employment hiccups just fine and so like living on that edge. He might have a family to feed (I don't) or huge student loans (remember the MS) or etc etc etc that are burning away those paychecks before they can be saved. Kudos to you for being extremely frugal with your money but most of the population require their paychecks to continue, even those of us with really large ones.

Anyway... I must've really felt like typing today (or avoiding that pesky day job of mine) since trolls don't typically deserve this kind of bandwidth. Thanks for providing some much needed distraction!

As for the OP's questions:
1) It might be... go try it! Google is your friend and will lead you to things like Coursera or Open Source projects or Amazon's Machine Learning tools or or or..
2) Contributing to Open Source projects is your best bet for practical experience in the field OR taking a hit to get an entryish level job in the field and proving your worth inside to get back to your 15 year salary expectations. Honestly if you've got a solid resume and that MS of yours getting a job shouldn't be the hard part.

Comment Re:Weather modeling exposed... (Score 1) 166

I recall back in the day we fully expected to have civilian population centers targeted.

The general rule was (on top of every other specific military target):
1) Capitols.
2) Technology Centers
3) Population Centers.

That's for each of the 50 states. 150 (or more if multiple warheads were specified for each) detonations that are almost entirely taking out civilians.

The fact this article (and the summary) seem to make a big deal of us targeting population centers the other direction seems extremely naive.

The truth of the matter is both sides had(have) enough nukes to flatten both countries completely the specific target sites on the way to that result are just the minutia of "when in doubt where should I go first". If it makes your conscience feel any better population centers are not at the top of the list... that's after you've already taken out the majority of your high-value targets unless you find yourself in a "I'm going down so take out the nearest target before I do" situation.

Comment Re:Non-muslim kpop girl band turned back from LAX. (Score 2) 704

So... since you included links to both articles I presume you give at least as much credence to the second article as you do the first. Sorry if that's an incorrect assumption. That being said:

If the details claimed by the DHS in the second article are true then that was not news and matter-o-fact happens all the time. Being someone who travels internationally all the time for work the US is not alone in that distinction either. A band I work for had a tour put together in Japan. The tour organizer did not get them the appropriate *work Visas and so they faced serious repercussions.

There was an article on /. not that long ago (well a few years now probably) 'bout some dude who came here planning on traveling around doing a bunch of pick-up gigs and was aghast that DHS wouldn't let him in on his tourist Visa. He got the proper ridicule for not understanding how Visas work and it sounds like Oh My Girl should have received the same (or at least their management). This is not the US at all.. honestly there are other countries who are WAY more strict when it comes to getting work visas. If you're here to work then you need a work visa. Period. If you can't be bothered to get one (or they deny you) then you are not allowed to come in and work.

Comment Re:Double dipping (Score 1) 197

Maybe he does but you're missing the good logic that the post does contain.

If the landlord doesn't want the place rented out then that should be in the lease. (similar issue... if the short term sublet is illegal it's illegal)

If it is in the lease / illegal and the tenant does it anyway? They are in violation of the lease / law and should be dealt with accordingly. There is no reason to be exploring different methods here. The legal and practical means are there to deal with this situation. All the major corporate landlords involved in this are trying to do is double dip.

Comment Re:Perhaps amend the definition of resonance (Score 3, Informative) 168

Perhaps... but the difference is as follows:

1) Resonance: This is a natural tendency of a physical object to self-increase its oscillation when caused to oscillate at the objects natural resonant frequency.

2) (What Really Happened): This would be described as a reinforced feedback loop. In this particular case the reinforcement was coming from gravity acting on the bridge in one direction while wind was acting on the bridge in the opposite direction.

The key difference here is that the amplification of oscillation leading to bridge failure was caused by **external forces not any natural resonance of the structure.

In terms of knowing why the bridge failed and how to not have a future one fail in the same manner, the difference between those two is quite important.

Comment Re:wah wah wah clickbait (Score 1) 400

I don't care about his opinion whether he's a Star Wars fan or not.

On the grand scale of SW fans I'm by no means at the top but I've always liked the movies (even the ones everyone bitches about). No exact tally but I've watched every movie at least a half dozen times and the old ones many more than that including seeing all 6 movies first run in the theaters. Like the GP said this guy's point of reference is completely alien to me. Don't watch again because the movies won't live up to my memory? It's been no more than a couple years since I've watched all 6 and a few of them way more recently. My memory is just fine and watching them all again to have them be that much more fresh in my head is not something to be "worried" about. I know exactly what I'm getting into and given the /. audience I'm the rule way more than the exception.

Ergo: This article is fine for the general public but terribly aimed for the /. crowd. Only the " Star Wars " makes it even remotely interesting for those here.

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