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Comment Soylent Yellow (Score 3, Insightful) 381

They never go into detail in the book (I believe... pardon it's been an eternity since I've read it) but my assumption was always Soylent Yellow and Red were some artificially produced edible protein where it's entirely likely yellow came from insects and red maybe even came from real animals (rats?).

The way to get people to eat this stuff is to have it come out in NOT-INSECT-LOOKING form such as a cube of blended worm-meal.. maybe even with some artificial flavoring / coloring added. I mean... people eat Tofu don't they? (I don't... but some people do. ;)

Comment Re:Star Wars and girls? (Score 1) 156

Most girls/women I know like Star Wars as well. Even those who aren't big fans I'm not seeing any who would run away from something just because Star Wars they just don't seek it out.

That being said: In my own limited demographic of "girls I know" they would get MUCH better buy in from Dr. Who. The reboot of the series really grabbed the XX side of the gene pool in a big way for whatever reason. I can't blame 'em... I've always liked Dr. Who but the reboot has the ladies swooning. Are the new Doctors that much hotter than the old ones? Are the storylines more relateable to women? Inquiring minds want to know!

Comment "Laser Strikes" define? (Score 3, Insightful) 161

So do they count a laser the happens to be shined 'near' a plane or are these all directly aimed at/in the cockpit? They specifically not that none of the over 5k "strikes" caused any injury so if any actually penetrated the cockpit they didn't hit any eyes. I'm picturing pilots reporting a laser that they happen to see nearby. I have an extremely powerful laser that finds itself pointing at the sky all the time. I'd never shine one at a plane anyway but most of the time I have comfort in the fact my laser shining straight upward couldn't hit a pilot's eyes anyway unless they happened to be banking at the wrong time. Only time I'd even have a good angle is on take-off or landing. SO long rambling run-on question later: What do they define as a "Laser Strike" how intentional / directed does it have to be or are the standards for a "strike" fairly low?

Comment Re:Fast, faster, fastest (Score 1) 34

Most of the time I love my Gen-1 Moto-X... *except when it's booting it *always takes way longer to start up than I want (haven't measured but it's in the 1-2 minute range) and then at worst when it decides to "Optimize Apps" and I've seen that take upwards of 45 minutes.. no way to cancel just have to wait there until it finishes with a useless phone.

Whichever dev decided that was a good idea: Go fuck yourself and get a new profession.

Comment Re:Microunits Sound Normal (Score 1) 412

Yeah depends where you are.. my issue with the description is their idea of cheap. Maybe coming from a $2200 350 square foot apartment in Manhattan $700-$900/month might be a good deal BUT as I recall Syracuse' housing market is WAY more like Minneapolis (where I live) (actually according to Trulia our average home cost at least is quite a bit higher than Syracuse) and $700-$900 for 300 sq ft is pretty overpriced for here. I'm paying roughly $1 / sq ft... not $3. Shared living places are generally cheaper not more expensive (I'm in a solo 2 bedroom apt). Such a place wouldn't necessarily be $300 here but probably no more than $500 w/ utilities included.

Comment Re:Engineering is not just building buildings (Score 1) 568

^^ 2 Thumbs Up.

In my own personal definitions, there is a big difference between a Programmer and a Software Engineer. A big example of that is you can outsource a Programmer but rarely would you outsource a Software Engineer (unless you're outsourcing the entire project). A Software Engineer gets the *whole job done whereas a Programmer writes the code they've been told to write or maybe with some drive they've determined needs to be written. What I do is engineering and that opinion has not been changed by this article in the slightest although I do agree that there are a lot of Programmers that attempt to wear the name Software Engineer without the ability or knowledge of the difference.

Honestly my biggest beef with the article is the primary reason why Programmers are not Engineers which is that software fails hard and is unpredictable. I'm sorry but a bad engineer is still an engineer. When our infrastructure is crumbling around us you don't hear anyone saying that the hundreds to thousands of what this article considers "legitimate" engineers involved in those projects are really just uppity construction workers. They are Engineers that did their job very poorly. Software is exactly the same way. So sorry that the billions of lines of code we're surrounded by every day are not coded bullet proof perfection but neither are our buildings and bridges, etc.

Comment Re:What is this prepare you speak of? (Score 1) 67

Plus the "there's nothing we could do about it anyhow" has a bit of truth. I'm all for novel solutions (like what Spock did to the volcano in New Trek 2) but for our current reality the only solutions amount to "Colonizing other planets" or other such relocation efforts (Sky, underground in "safe" parts of the world, etc). We're hopefully already working on #1 albeit at a snail's pace so a couple hundred years year's warning may be just the right amount to actually have some population out there. The reality is even with such solutions a lot of people are going to die here. (Read Billions) it's the civilizations we start elsewhere that will continue.

Comment Re:That, Detective, is not the right question (Score 1) 225

I typically am opposed to Apple's way of doing business. This action I applaud. As many commenters have already stated, "Impossible" is not possible when it comes to hacking BUT for Apple to rebuke the USGOV in saying they can't is a great example to set.

That being said: It's also entirely likely that they are making a big show of saying no while quietly working with the man behind the scenes. "It's way better for the public to think we can't do this and helps us sell iDevices but here's the magic tool you need to pwn your citizens."


Comment Re:lack of information. (Score 1) 602

" investigations, audits, litigation or potential litigation regarding matters in which I have been involved "

*If this is the same agreement that was signed by the IT guys (I'm guessing the amount at least was smaller but the terms are probably the same) then this isn't weird at all! They are not asking these employees to help with technical matters. As a severely regulated business will loads of liability their employees are credible witnesses and subject to subpoena or to answer to regulators inquiries. This contract is saying just that quite literally. I'm not saying they won't get any calls of a technical nature but the wording above doesn't even require them to respond to such calls. If the SEC comes calling though they better step to.

Now really hoping one of these employees actually produces the wording of their contract to clarify because if it's the above then this is a lot of fuss over not that much.

Comment Re:Missing (Score 1) 480

I bailed on Voyager the first time around because it became too repetitive and I was sick of Janeway's constant preaching. I recently watched the entire stretch (all 5 series from start to finish) and so filled in the holes in all of them that I had missed along the way. Voyager actually got better after I originally stopped watching but I still put it WAY at the bottom because they went off the rails with Q and time travel. Honestly you include it in a series that wasn't cancelled out of the blue but how can we really say that when the series stopped the way it did. That felt way forced. Someone said it had to end that year.

Between DS9 and STNG I'm a toss up. Had I voted for a Trek (I didn't) I would have voted DS9 because I consider STNG to be an 80's series.. else over all I like aspects of both STNG and DS9 better than the other so hard for me to say which wins overall.

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