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Comment: MIT and "open" (Score 1) 167

by MasterPi (#17538530) Attached to: MIT's OpenCourseWare Program
Hearing all the time about how MIT supports things like this just makes me all the more pissed off about my interview for admissions. I'm one of the poor unfortunate souls who had to defend the merits of open source, Wikipedia, email, and pacifism to my interviewer who had problems with all these things. He also probably hadn't been on campus in at least a decade since he didn't know the correct size of the student body (he wasn't even in the ballpark). I passed a guy in the elevator with a bluetooth headset on on the way out of the building (a hospital, my interviewer is a surgeon) who complimented me on my GNU hoody, and I thought, "Now that's the image MIT's been portraying to me, not that... back there." So either MIT is actually lame and they put on a cool presentation, or (and I think this is the more likely option) I got really screwed by my misfortune to have this interviewer.

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