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The difference between a conspiracy that exists, and the conspiracy that actually happens can be tested simply:

Would an uninformed idiot think it's actually a good idea to do?
If yes? It's probably happening.
If no? Find a new theory.

It's not that idiots run everything. But idiots get involved in every piece of decision making, somehow.

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by i kan reed (#47433143) Attached to: Google's Experimental Newsroom Avoids Negative Headlines

a cite

Now, while happiness does help us catch lies in advertising, we're also more likely to react positively to advertising in general when we're happy. Thus google's mission should be to make people happy at the expense of news quality, since they're in the advertising business.

Comment: Re:I hate to imagine it (Score 5, Insightful) 112

by i kan reed (#47431199) Attached to: Child Thought To Be Cured of HIV Relapses, Tests Positive Again

Oh this is the most intellectually lazy of bullshit.

Saying "Why would stopping treatment lead to a relapse?" as if there was no trivially understood relationship there. It's just... silly. I mean, come on bro, no one wants to jump to conclusions, but this is like saying "I stopped watering my houseplant, and at some point, it died. We don't know there's any relationship there."

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If they count as a foreign nation. Since "no one country" owns space according so some treaty or another(okay, I admit, my memory is fuzzy on this), they might not.

But they will pay taxes on the income/profits. And there's no economic system that doesn't value the availability of new raw materials as a primary interest.

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by i kan reed (#47430789) Attached to: Google's Experimental Newsroom Avoids Negative Headlines

Worse than that. It's like Brave New World news. The only things fit to publish are the things that keep us happy(and thus amendable to advertisements in this case). It's not trying to make on specific entity look good, it's trying to engage in actual mind control via selection bias.

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