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+ - NASA abandons Mars rover Spirit, Spirit lives on!-> 1

Submitted by
hasanabbas1987 writes "After a year since they lost contact with their Mars rover Spirit, NASA has finally decided to pull the plug on the project. The space agency confirmed yesterday that it will seize all communication with the rover from May 25th, bringing an end to a legendary mission sent by Man. NASA was banking on the fact that the rover Spirit might be able to recharge its solar panels and re-establish contact, but it appears that the damages it received last winter were just too much for the little robot. NASA executive David Lavery told the media that the rover team will remember the Spirit for all its services it provided from an alien land and will remember it for its achievements rather than its tragic demise."
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+ - iPhone 4 Hardware Encryption Cracked->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Sure, you can get access to geolocation data on an iPhone 4. But what about all data — all information you ever typed on your iPhone and all Google maps you ever requested? Elcomsoft claims that it has broken Apple's iPhone 4 hardware encryption an access data that is beyond being imaginable. Scary? Sure, but shouldn't we know by know that data on our devices is vulnerable to attacks?"
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