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+ - RIM forced to change name of new platform->

Submitted by Mastadex
Mastadex (576985) writes "RIM's brand new BlackBerry mobile OS, due in early 2012, was expected to be called "BBX." But due to a recently court ruling against it, RIM has dropped BBX and opted simply for "BlackBerry 10." Software company Basis International said a US federal court in Albuquerque has granted a temporary restraining order against RIM, barring it from using Basis' BBX trademark. The court decision bars RIM from using the trademark at its Asian DevCon conference on Wednesday and Thursday in Singapore."
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Comment: Re:Search them all (Score 1) 266

by Mastadex (#37343514) Attached to: IP Addresses Not Enough To ID Users

Even if you asked all members of the household to swear an oath and testify that it was not them, the question then becomes: did one of them lie and was there an outside party involved.

I recall a recent event where a neighbour hacked into a wireless router and used it to download child porn. It was only by sheer luck that he was found out.


+ - How the West is arming the anti-censorship movemen->

Submitted by Mastadex
Mastadex (576985) writes "In the high-stakes cyber struggle to outwit repressive regimes – such as China’s – that spend billions thwarting the free flow of information, a Canada-U.S. computer research group believes it can tip the balance toward freedom. Ian Goldberg, an assistant professor at the University of Waterloo’s Cheriton School of Computer Science, is part of team that has come up with an anti-censorship system called Telex. Until a few days ago, when the joint University of Waterloo and University of Michigan team announced their Telex test running inside a computer lab in Ann Arbor, China’s cyber police may not have known there was a chink in their cyber wall."
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Comment: Europa Universalis III (For 8yr olds) (Score 1) 742

by Mastadex (#34375420) Attached to: What To Load On a 4-Year-Old's Netbook?

I had an idea while reading this. There is a (mostly) historically accurate game called Europa Universalis III. Though it is too complex for a 4yr old to handle, it is suitable for 8+ year olds. I also pointed them to wikipedia if he had questions. I was astounded to find that the kid played the game for an extended period of time but also followed up on the history of Europe on wikipedia. The last time I talked with him, he told me all about the Polish-Lithuenian common wealth, and how vassalization works. Albeit his knowledge was skewed towards the strategies of the game, it was still accurate. It definitely made his Polish grandfather happy.

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