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Comment: Re:most successful? (Score 2) 80

by Markvs (#47074885) Attached to: The Big Bang's Last Great Prediction

The most successful scientific model is found in Genesis chapter 1. It begins with the creation of light.

Well, yes. That's what the Big Bang Theory is in a nutshell, and it was after all originally developed by Georges Lemaitre, a Belgian Catholic Priest.
It's notable that all of the planet's major religions endorse the BBT and consider it to not be at odds with their faith including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, & Judaism.

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by Markvs (#47039233) Attached to: Radioactivity Cleanup At Hanford Nuclear Reservation, 25 Years On

Yet every delay seems to be caused by inadequate funding at the Federal level, to the point where the deadlines have been pushed back beyond the projections for when waste is likely to reach the Columbia River. What's that going to do to the local economy?

Actually, it improves the potato crop. (FIVE GUYS needs every potato they can lay their hands on!) The waste has also sped up work at the prehistoric Kennewick Man site, and has increased sales of all kinds of abatement gear (and anti-roadrunner technology) from ACME in nearby Walla-Walla.

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by Markvs (#45495679) Attached to: A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP
Wow. I love your link... thanks for showing that the fossil fuel industry does not get a single subsidy. Seriously. Everything listed from pages 6 through 13 is a tax break.
And let's look at the things this wonderful environmentalist think tank listed as "Grants":

1) LIHEAP ($6,358): The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Government funding to keep poor people warm.
2) Strategic Petroleum Reserve ($6,183) : This is the Federal government keeping oil around in case of an emergency.
3) Black Lung Disability Trust Fund ($1,035) : Federal money to pay benefits to sick miners.
4) Highway Trust Fund ($500) : The Highway Trust Fund supports highway, road, and other transportation projects throughout the country. It is funded largely by the Transportation Fuel Excise Tax on road fuels.
5) Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve ($50): similar to the SPR in #2 above, but concentrated in the Northeast where home heating oil is a common fuel.
6) Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves ($28) : "As the payments do not benefit a fuel source, but rather were used to settle a dispute, they do not constitute a subsidy to fossil fuels."

Calling any of these a subsidy if a sad joke. In short, there is NO SUBDSIDY OF FOSSIL FUELS by the US Government.

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Margaret Thatcher was in power here 1979-1990. She fucked over the arts during that time. It will take a few more years to get over it.

On what do you base that conclusion, when we had TOM BAKER as the Doctor from 1975-1981 followed by PETER DAVIDSON from 1981-1985? Then we had such other Britcom greats as Blackadder, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Blake's 7, Red Dwarf, Antiques Roadshow, East Enders, The Young Ones... plus the rise of British New Wave and Heavy Metal, etc.? Okay, the Bond franchise went from four solid Moore films to the questionable Living Daylights and awful License to Kill starring Tim Dalton, but surely that wasn't all Maggie's fault! And we did get The Elephant Man, The Empire Strikes Back, Chariots of Fire, Excalibur, Gandhi, Pink Floyd's The Wall, Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, Henry V, Highlander...

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Legacy of the Ancients! Now THAT was a great game! I also love Wasteland & Pool. The Pool of Radiance module for Neverwinter Nights was flawless, IMO. My old gaming buddies and I played that 4 or 5 times just for the nostalgia. (And heck, it was BETTER since it was multi-user and not just us talking about what we were doing at home on our Commie 64s...)

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Not having to slam the phone reciever down on the old Bell accoustic coupler was a BIG deal. And 300 baud was *so fast*. Then I went to 1200 baud... and I thought WHOA! I can now recieve data at a speed I can't read at! That lasted for almost 5 years until 2400 baud came out and downloads were instantaneous.

Now, of course, my cable modem has 12Mbps and it's way too slow. :-\

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