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Comment We absolutely should not do nuclear at this time. (Score 1) 354

Fukushima is an outrageous mess. Years on, it is still spewing radioactive matter into the environment. The human costs are catastrophic, and continue to be catastrophic.

The nuclear apologists attempt to excuse Fukushima away, but they can't. Give me a break. Where the is Diablo Canyon located?

Only a private power company is going to do nuclear in the US, given the Republican Party's hatred of public power. And the Republican Party HATES regulation. Even the numbest-nutted Ayn Rand ideologue can see where this is going.

Corporations are ideal organizations for creating a huge catastrophe, then folding--leaving the equity (and realized profits) of their investors untouched and all their victims left holding the bag.

We cannot do nuclear without massive public oversight, including highly-policed and sufficient sureties. We cannot have massive public oversight in the current political environment--it is just unrealistic.

We can talk later, maybe when the insane Republican Party comes back down to Earth.

Comment Data Mining Bonanza (Score 1) 174

With any reasonable data mining, these middlemen will be able to figure out which players are ready to play and which are not. Their customers are not anonymous and their relationship to NFL teams ought to be mappable.

This ought to provide the principals of these gambling businesses quite an edge in betting on real games.

Comment Re:"We're stronger than ever" (Score 1) 107

It is not snake oil at all, as far as the customer goes. But Groupon's customer isn't the customer of the business. Groupon's customer is the business itself. Their salespeople must persuade the customer-business to (a) give Groupon money; and (b) give their customers discount coupons (at cost to themselves). That can be a very hard sell. That is why Groupon's salespeople are so extremely essential to its survival.

Never appeal to a man's "better nature." He may not have one. Invoking his self-interest gives you more leverage. -- Lazarus Long