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Comment Re:Already propagating (Score 1) 663

This is BULLSHIT. Losing weight does not have to be hard. Eliminate or drastically reduce refined sugar and complex carbohydrates from your diet, and you'll probably lose weight.

It might take a few weeks, but your body will adapt to your new diet, and you'll get satisfied by healthier foods just like you used to be satisfied by sugary breaded crap.

Comment Data binding? (Score 1) 236

Is there anything out there that straightforwardly automates databinding LibreOffice controls to an XML data structure?

I'm talking primarily about controls where you can type in text and that text will automatically appear in other content controls that are bound to the same XML data node.

I've done it in Word via VBA, but it's not something that I would recommend for others to use. Is there something like this for LibreOffice that makes the process easy for the user.

Comment More Money? (Score 1) 123

"Intelligence" yields a pathetically low return on investment. If past history is any indicator (Philby, for example), the world is NOT going to collapse, things are NOT that grave, and except for the damage to the intelligence community, things are going to go on pretty much the same as always.

Comment No compelling questions here. (Score 1) 298

Doesn't look like any question were raised here. The constitutional violation appear obvious.
The event is an obvious public forum, because lots of people are expressing themselves there.
Only compelling governmental reasons can allow the restriction of speech in a public forum and any such restriction will be looked at by the courts with "strict scrutiny."
Having a warrant outstanding is a stupid reason to shut someone off from public speech.

This so obviously bad, either (a) the City's lawyer is an absolute moron (unlikely); (b) the Cops ignored their lawyer's advice telling them that shutting down this speech would be wrong (evil); or (c) the Cops didn't bother to consult with their lawyer and just shut down a speech because they wanted to (unlikely).

This could easily become lawsuit.

Comment A contract by any other name. (Score 2) 116

The "expert system" is just a much more involved contract that happens to be written in code. That "code" is great, so long as both parties understand exactly the terms of the code that they are agreeing to. If both parties do not have an equally good understanding of the code, then the expert system is just another unfair one sided contract foisted on people by businesses with the aid of their programmers.

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