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Comment New business opportunities for 2020 (Score 1) 157

De Tangley home services - our specialist crew will disable and remove all appliance, heating, structure and alarm systems with network connections. Our team use the latest tracking tools to disable the most hard to reach sensors. Guaranteed dumb house back in your control.

Dumb mot - Clean and service your car. Ensure all network equipped systems disabled. DumbCar certified agent

Clean payment services - clean simple point of sale systems. Network isolated dumb terminals. No more downtime from network attacks. Just simple straightforward and dumb as he'll terminals.

Comment Re: The Real Thing (Score 1) 411

"Mr. Nimoy, through Spock, showed how such characters can be more than just socially awkward, how through logic one can derive strong ethics, compassion, and integrity."

Perfect response to this sad event

Comment meanwhile here in London. .. (Score 1) 186

I have a chip based debit card ( pretty much all cards in uk in past 2 years ).

I can buy in pubs, coffee shops etc with just a swipe ( most chains ) otherwise pin number.

On London underground you just use card over reader and it works out best ticket ( so if you spend more than 28 pounds in week it buys one weekly pass for last 7 days ).

Not sure how apple or Google add value to this. Rather wave my card around at random strangers and devices than an expensive phone.

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