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Comment They're still scumbags (Score 2) 174

I was once a smoker, and would never go back regardless of my superlungs because:
  • --It breaks up your attention span into one hour chunks
  • --It wastes heaps of money
  • --It supports the douchebags who make it and sell it
  • --It stinks up everything in your life
  • --It signals others that you're not in control of your own person

Comment Re:Ad blocking? (Score 1) 132

The internet is no place for advertising.

I take it then that you are a subscriber to Slashdot --- and to every other site that you visit on a regular basis.

Sort of. Slashdot allows users to optionally disable advertising if their non-monetary contributions are awesome enough-- which mine are I guess. I assume that there are no ads to block, but I wouldn't know because the ads are blocked anyways. A belt-and-suspenders solution.

Comment Games console?! (Score 3, Informative) 62

The article refers to a "Commodore 64 games console." There's no such thing. The C64 was a fully user-programmable computer which also played games. The link in the article for "Commodore 64 games console" brings you to an article about a totally unrelated computer, the ZX Spectrum. Nerd rage engaged.

Comment Re:Where are stories of maliciously erased iPhones (Score 1) 158

THIS. Apple has their Activation Lock system (AKA Find My iPhone) already, and I think this law is asking for something like that-- not a remote bricking system that can be activated by just anyone. Unauthorized bricking can only be done if someone guesses the person's Apple ID password, which is exactly as easy as it sounds. Apple's Activation Lock makes in more difficult to resell Apple phones, whether they be legit (like a phone you returned to the store) or stolen. More phones' system boards end up in the waste stream. (The other parts are usable)

Comment Re:History (Score 4, Interesting) 359

The problem is that Quanta (they build system boards for Apple's laptop division) has never been able to properly do a ball grid array. The problem is not the chips or cooling, it's the "good enough" techniques Quanta uses to attach them to to a system board. If a ball grid array is done properly, it can be quite robust-- Quanta doesn't seem to care about longevity of the product, and hasn't for a number of years.

Quanta's quality problems are even more dire when you see that they manufacture about one third of the world's laptop system boards.

Please see Quanta and ball grid array.

Comment Re:Oh, hell... (Score 1) 153

I hope this new plant begins to make system boards for Thinkpads and the like. Right now they are made by Quanta (Taiwan), and the BGAs are terrible. Quanta has still not come to terms with lead-free BGAs, and it's been going on for years.

Hopefully they can consistently make a system board that will last for more than 2 years.

United Kingdom

No Porn From Public WiFi Hotspots In the UK Proposed 390

whoever57 writes "Prime Minister David Cameron is proposing that porn should not be available through WiFi hotspots in public areas. Exactly how this will be implemented has not been identified, even to the extent of whether the ISP or the hotspot operator should implement the blocking. From the article: ' The Prime Minister said: “We are promoting good, clean, WiFi in local cafes and elsewhere to make sure that people have confidence in public WiFi systems so that they are not going to see things they shouldn’t.” His intervention comes after a long-running campaign from children’s charities to ensure a blanket ban on unacceptable sites on public WiFi networks.'"

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